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I would love to have been born right after World War Two. In the fifties or something. Grow up during the 60-80s die in the 90s. That seemed like the peak. Somebody posted a video on this website once just a compilation of pictures of different cities across America in the 50-60s and all these cities that you now think of as sh it holes were so beautiful. So clean. Peaceful. Working class people living out their lives in the best way. God I wanna go back. We gave it all away for NIGGERS. The worst part about niggers is they’re not even grateful.

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We were still under jewish subversion which I know you know but we had the advancements in technology and medicine coupled with a strong White society that wasn't ruined with ungrateful nogs. Must've been heaven

[–] PriMerovingian ago 

You would have gotten to fight and die in the UN war for China in Korea and then have your kid die in a UN war for China in Vietnam.

[–] non_compete ago 

But then you would be a boomer. Seriously though, it was already on the decline after ww2. Not sure when I would like to have been born, maybe we pull together and get through this shit and bring about a better future.... Then I'll be happy to have been born now. Lets do this!

[–] Fat_is_healthy ago 

Id prefer the early 1900s. Probably 1905, too young to fight the germans, too old to fight the slinky japs. Then you die in the 60s, under the assumption that america is going to conquer the stars. You'll have gone your whole live living out two golden ages, two great "victories," see the rise of the automobile, see those wretched ottomans fall and see old glory stuck on the moon in your final years. Jesus will still be loved and the jew would not have sown the seed of christian doubt in your mind.

[–] Maroonsaint ago 

Yea I didn’t think about the wars, being drafted or whatever. If I got drafted at my current age I would dodge the shit out of that draft. If I got drafted at 18 or whatever I’d go. At 18 you’re too ignorant to how you’re dying for nothing.

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Nazoon enough.

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i sure hope so

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Hey can I see a picture of your dog 🐕

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Hopefully everybody doesn't puss out when it comes time to do the necessary.

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Most people are followers. I believe it takes only a small minority of us to do what's necessary. This seems to be the case everywhere; in the military too, vets report that most people on missions just sit back behind cover and shoot semi-blindly towards any enemies for suppression, while it's a few guys who actually goes out and does whatever needs to be done actively.

Point being, the nature of humans makes for the rise of small, highly active, influential groups. Can be used for good and evil, as we both know.

[–] 100100011001 ago 

In any group, half the work is done by the square root of the number of people. Got a group of 25? Then five people do half the work.

[–] ScreaminMime ago 

Of course you do, otherwise you won't get to sit in the safety of your home and reap the benefits...

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48 stars, which states do we cut?

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Cali and NY

[–] CowWithBeef ago 

I was thinking that too. It would be nice to keep 80% of each if possible though. Just have to get rid of the city people.

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Can't wait. I want to be a flag bearer.

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I doubt society would ever be that well dressed again any time soon.

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What is that other flag?

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Pic from alt reality show "The Man in the High Castle"

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The faggy USA one.

[–] onikage ago 

US Natsoc flag?

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