[–] blumen4alles ago 

Amazing you took a break to enjoy it...

[–] AR47 [S] ago 

Of course I would.

Had this discussion with someone on Reddit.....yes I still go there as many subs I can help others and am not questioned about my non existent alternative motives.

When these storms roll past they are intense, and dangerous. The rain has no where to really soak in so it will flow or pool. Speed limit on that road was 65mph. With a sustained wind of at least 30 and gusts to 60.

Standing water on it, and as you can see two lane blacktop.

It isn't my driving I am worried about, more of every other fucker on the road that values their almighty schedule as to their own lives, and trust me there are many like that.

Semi trucks being the worse. Big ass trailer homes being dragged down that road at 65mph with zero considering implications of it or even a spotter.

So I pulled over waited for it to pass in about an hour once I was in it.

Plus ain't nothing like the smell of a desert rain.

[–] grendelbiter ago 

This brings up memories of my 3000 mile drive from OK to CA. I too drove into a solid wall of rain, it was like someone turned on the shower.