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Looks up DJ Adolf

This dude hasn't put anything out for over a decade. Is it even possible to boycott, let alone "cancel", someone who hasn't done shit for more than a decade?

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Final war is one of rhw best

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Been looking for new bands....

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White power rock? Why is this crap always the most obnoxious shit I've ever heard? It is literally repulsive...(((white power rock)))

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Right? It's like.... purposefully shitty. Which is why this gets signal boosted. White people can and should do so much better.

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That's part of why I mostly listen to and write classical, the Baroque-Classical-Romantic eras were the pinnacle of musical creation by whites, especially Germans, until the scene got hijacked and subverted by jews like (((Schoenberg))) in the 20th century which sadly persists to this day. No hate against rock or any other type of bands but there is just a transcendent quality to the music of composers like Beethoven which is a large reason why their music is still known hundreds of years later.

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WTF is wrong with Folk/Country?

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white people like it, that is pretty much all it takes these days

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It often lacks the heaviness/anger I enjoy.

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If you need 'heavy' as in meaningful .."that's heavy man" this short ditty is cool, it's double entendre of a song, he's singing about gals or the seasons in a way that makes you think.

Now angry folk songs...hmmm... let's go back in time to something like this then. It was a rather angry thing at it's time.

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Which bands?

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I think this is white enough to make niggers blow up or something. This is 'bluegrass'..Trampled by Turtles.

Here's a boomer version of a classic and I think it's pretty good, Iron Horse. In fact, I like it better than the original.

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Well fuck. None in my state.

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Thanks, but there are actually THOUSANDS of so-called "white pride" or "hate" bands. And certainly over 400 are ongoing.

RAC music

They call the genre "RAC music" and RAC was coopted into "Rock Against Communism" mini power rock concerts, before term being taken back :


There is a massive online database of not only RAC music, but links to sample songs.

I do not have it handy.

Here are HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of listed RAC bands! : www.rac-forum.org/forum/index.php

Wow! just go to letter "S" and page through to see coverage and extent.

The map designer ignored a lot of bigger "hate bands" and for New York shows "Slavia", whose records are in that database in the S section under american flag, so maybe the map lifted names from the many hundreds of white culture bands at www.rac-forum.org/forum/index.php

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