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Isn't it interesting that African Cichlids are super aggressive and can only really be kept with other African cichlids, and some aggressive "new world" cichlids?

It's funny how nature does that.

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One of my favorite meta pastimes on this site is seeing how I'm going to learn something based from the top comment on an innocuous post

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Invasive species

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Nonsense. Two books that discuss these fish in some detail are King Solomon's Ring and On Aggression by Konrad Lorenz. What you are saying is completely false with respect to the cichlid family. The aggressiveness is also present in most colorful species defending their territory in reefs worldwide (Florida Keys in the book). Being aggressive is not necessarily a bad thing, a lot of people would benefit from being much more aggressive.

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How was it quantified?

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I would say that applies to white people, but then we might have societies full of crime and violence just like niggers do.

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Know what else is interesting? Old world tarantulas IE from Africa, are also very aggressive compared to new world tarantulas...

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Check out African bees

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Wtf is it about Africa that makes all the living things there so aggressive?

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It cant breathe

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Hide your bike, quick!

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That’s the mayor of Chicago

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Amazing color.

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Yeah you usually don't see that color in fresh-water fish.

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Fish was swimming in the Easter egg dye

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I used to have an electric yellow, about the same size.

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Put it back in the water unless you are intending to eat it please.

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