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Fundamental art deco at its best.

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I love that style.

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I was into artdeco for a while. But i realized the following; White engineering + jewish finance + slow jewish destruct of art= is art deco.

The Victorians are the society to model and strive for. We are literally coasting on the fumes of happened from 1870 and 1913.

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Victorian era is noted for the rise of the welfare state and opening the door women's suffrage in England.

Not to mention the most hideous monarch in the history of the world.


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Elegance and solid design. A sound union. As an engineer I appreciate it.

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Queue the meme of the nigger stealing an invention and then burning it.

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Close-to-perfect mechanical engineering. The New York Central J3 4-6-4 locomotives were tremendously successful. They could haul a train from New York to Chicago in 16 hours (~950 miles), stopping only once to take on more coal. The New York Central used water pans between the rails so a locomotive could replenish its water supply while moving. These engines did this amazing performance day in and day out. Average speed on this run was 60 mph, and several segments of the run called for speeds of 100 mph, which these engines could easily achieve while pulling trains of several thousand tons.

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Based and train pilled.

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Red pilled if you let it hit you

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Gotham city

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The mediator between head and hands must be the heart!

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Haha, that was buried way back in my brain somewhere.

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Fuckin Jews ruin EVERYTHING.

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Hmmm interesting

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Taggart Trans-continental!

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This. Yes!

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Why are modern machines so damned ugly?

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They are built as cheap as possible

[–] Whitening ago 

Thank the jews.

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