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One of my favorite toys when I was younger.

[–] TrialsAndTribulation ago 

Same here. I'd buy them at the market. If I took care of one, it might last two, maybe even three days.

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You could buy them everywhere. When they broke, you saved them up and made Frankenplanes.

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I forgot about that!

[–] Usernamenameuser ago  (edited ago)

Loved these and even more than this I loved the huge Styrofoam planes.


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damn goat you got enough shit in that link? all you needed was https://www.ebay.com/i/143622322153

We had the bigger Styrofoam planes, wingspan of about 4'

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lol thanks, I always wonder why ebay links are so long. Didnt know I could cut em short. Will edit.

Those are big o es, theyre almost 2 feet long.

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I pulled the image from Lehman's btw


They are pricey but usually have great stuff. Great source for off-grid living products.

[–] Far2Long2 ago 

I absolutely loved those as a boy.