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Follow the money and you'll realize history is very different from what you've and I have been thought.

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Who cares about recycling metal. One day we’re Gonna be mining asteroids or meteorites for metal. Wait isn’t an asteroid just a meteorite that hits earth? Idk. My point stands thought. Give corporations a greedy incentive to spot the steroids before they hit earth and all of a sudden we ain’t gonna get buttfucked by an asteroid.

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One day we’re Gonna be mining asteroids or meteorites for metal.

no we're not.

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You didn't cover jew comets. Notice they try to pretend to be White in the sky, but in reality are water? Makes one think ...

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IF we didn't already SQUANDER those resources that could be USED for that to make LUXURY goods for DO NOTHING elite executives.

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This is the only sentiment that is missing from thedonald.win

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Which only proves it's just another shill operation.

The Fed and JQ. These 2 will always reveal the shills.

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While it is a shill operation, many that go there support "End the fed." I am not sure what @Trope_ is saying. Although, I haven't been to thedonald.win in months. I still doubt it changed.

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Rule # 3 for v/pics:

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There are more appropriate subverses for content like this. Just because you are submitting a link to a jpg file does not mean it goes in v/pics!

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Fuck off back to thedonald


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Just use decentralized, limited-supply, cryptocurrency. That is our way out.

Now is a great time to learn and get in as interest rates are going negative and they are getting rid of physical cash.

Whites won't win by begging jews to end the fed. It's not going to happen. That's how they fund wars for Israel, BLM, antifa and mass migration. They create as much free money as they want. You have to escape the system.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Romans who created the issue by making jews want to escape from occupied Judea, basically starting the jewish diaspora?

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great post

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Please elaborate

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