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I love ferrets. I want to reincarnate as one and bite a jew.

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The jew fears the ferret.

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I do too but they don't live very long and are prone to genetic medical problems, probably because the way they are bred. At least the ones from Marshall were. If I ever got any more I'd try to find an independent breeder.

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I love it, thanks!

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That has nothing to do with Germany or national socialism. That is the the Roman Salute. Learn your unkiked history, faggot.

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Seig hail little buddy. The fourth Reich will reign for 1000 years.

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Seig = Sieg.

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Yeah, I'm not from Germany. I'm from Dixie. We don't care of it's wrong, as long as we're understood.

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I’ll save this little chap as my phone screen saver!

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I always wanted to own a ferret

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They kinda stink, and they will get into any and every nook and cranny they can fit into.

Have a tear in the bottom of your couch? They will crawl up inside of it and sit for an hour. Left a window opened? They may pop out the corner of the screen and escape to the outdoors for a little while

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Did the thought-police arrest it?

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