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In Canada, a fairy ring is what the BC government suggests people use to avoid spreading COVID, also called a glory hall.

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What’s the mechanics behind this pattern? Really interesting.

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Mystery behind mushroom rings

When a mushroom spore lands in a suitable location, the underground hyphae (fungus roots) grow out evenly in all directions.

As the fungus grows and ages, the oldest parts in the center of the mat die, creating a circle.

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Kinda sounds like how suburbs form around a city. While the city dies the suburbs stay alive.

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Mycelium is the word you’re looking for. Fruiting bodies will form at the edge.

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Never knew any of this, brittanica had an article that said one fairy ring in France is thought to be over 700 years old.

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a tree once grew there

Thanks. I would love to see any evidence of that. It makes perfect sense that the roots were there 20 years ago. But mushrooms today? I need evidence.

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I just learned about these this morning.

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Wow, amazing :)

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Kupala Hathor worshippers in the house.

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Big fairy meeting tonight!