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some dickhead shot him in the eyes w/ a .22 then dumped him when he was ~3 months old.

had 2 surgeries so far, and he is growing like a weed.

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Need to find him and shoot him in the eye with a 556

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Thatd kill him. You don't kill sick fuckos like that.

You give them pain everyday, prolong their life; and make them suffer.

I do not have any sympathy for those who pick on the weak.

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It was probably the nigger who downvoted OP's post.

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I heard that’s a good way to build up your bullet immunity

[–] weredawg ago 

Smash kneecaps, take into wilderness, gut shot.

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Good on you man. That dog will be your best friend for life.

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Guess the race ? A disgusting sub human ape is capable of hurting a defenseless animal...

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You see after I got to reading reports and see a vid of how some of the "experts" flooding Europe salughtering and eating fucking cats while throwing away food because is from the red cross, I know there is always a way to up one on wahtever they pull.

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Blessings on you for caring for this beautiful creature. Death to faggots who torture the weak.

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The people that shoot dogs, are the same people that riot and pull down statues.....

[–] HeavyBrain 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Shooting your dog is ok, because you do it for a reason and make the bullet count.

Whats not ok is shooting at dogs, liike niggers and muds do it for fun.

[–] The_Duke_of_Dabs 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I have to agree with this statement given that; i personally know first hand that if a dog bites someone once, its gonna do it again.

Story time:

I have an older cousin who is like a brother to me. He had his first son about 13 years ago, he had 2 dobbermans, they attacked his son when he was a baby. He went out back with the dogs one at a time and put one bullet in each of their skulls. One of the hardest things my cousin ever had to do. And to the fucks that think this was insensitive: you don't know dogs and this was loads more humane than having them be put down in a clinic. Dogs can smell death, and vet clinics smell like death. Ever wonder why your dog hates going to the vet usually? Its because they smell death.

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"Where you at nigger?" - Magoo probably

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i read somewhere a while ago that a dog's nose basically works on a level like our eyes do. that dog can sniff out whoever he wants, whenever he wants.

it's wild seeing him get close to the house, a little sniff, then up the steps. he usually tries to take one too many steps, b/c other stairs are different, so he doesn't know which one is the top.

if a car is parked in a weird spot he'll bark at it.

crashes into furniture a LOT.

also, nose crotch is an issue. no couth at all

[–] TyroneDeNiggero ago 

dawww You're a good human.

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Why do niggers smell so bad?

So that blind dogs can hate them too.

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My wife had a friend who adopted a blind dog, the dog got out the first fucking day and was smeared by a car about 20 yards from the front door.

She showed no remorse, a completely disconnected and airheaded young woman. We never associated with her after that. She has lost six dogs in the last three years, not counting this dog, or all the times the same dogs lost eyes, broke legs, broke jaws... she lives in Florida and I can garuantee at least one was eaten by gators. Oh and I forgot to mention she exclusively owns huskies, and she lives in fucking Florida!

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Why the fuck would you even consider a Husky if you are not intrested in dogs and have a big ass property.

Its just they are so much fucking work if you are not into it.

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One of my neighbours has a husky which I walk regularly for the hell of it. He's clean when we set off and I usually return him full of mud and say "here you go". We have so much fun, they are like Labradors when they find a puddle or a stream.

[–] H3r0n ago 

She is a dumb brunette who bleached blonde but leaves the roots on purpose, she had five huskies in a two bedroom, along with one cat, and seven snakes. She also had a roommate in that place...

Mommy bought her a two bedroom house with one acre though, so she’s going for twelve huskies total. Two of them are pregnant right now, no idea who the father is though, since it happened when they ran away for a week or so... “oh well, teehee!”

[–] Plavonica ago 

Jesus, what a cunt. It ain't hard either. Fenced yard, a water bowl, a food bowl, a leash, a training clicker, a couple of toys, an old blanket. Train/play with the dog, feed/water the dog, take him out once a day and once a year to the vet. That's it! The bare minimum basics of taking care of a dog.

[–] H3r0n ago 

I had a puppy show up on my doorstep the first day of the lockdown. A great cairn terrier with nothing but love to give. I can’t understand how people don’t feel the need to protect their pets

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2000% good boy scoobdood

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Naming game is on point.

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You are a good goat.

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this post and the comments made me sign in. very heartening. also, it is this sentiment (the comments) and the actions of OP that separate Us from others.

I would cry with joy if I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with ppl like the guy who shot this dog.

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