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Needs a 4th panel where nig nog is apologizing to jews and getting his money back.

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just because you have a jpg doesn't mean it belongs in v/pics!

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Faggot Leo Cullinan putting a watermark over Jinjerzilla's comic

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i like how token apologised for his 'anti-semitic' rant but doesnt say shit about the anti white stuff....

he cant even fucking pretend he means the same thing, called both out seperately.

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Can you imagine all the jewish dicks Nick Cannon is sucking right now?

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...Is Loxism and anti-Gentilism.

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Poor Cannon. Didn't realize what he stepped into.

[–] NegroJewServant ago 

If only they could pronounce "insufficient".

[–] NoKiddin ago  (edited ago)

The white man the nigger stole the atm card from withdrew in time.

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