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This post is a good example of common courtesy.

Thanks. That didn't bother me but I figured some may not want to see a kid banged up like that.

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Good call.

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People pretend that there aren't differences in dog breeds, too.

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Find the dog, and put it down.

Then find the owner, and put it down.

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I've looked to find the breed of the dog and can't find one that names the breed. Do you have a link showing it was a pitbull?

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What proof this is from a pit?

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What a brave little dude. This guy is a true hero.

Damn, what a good older brother. He's going to make an amazing husband and father when he grows up.

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What a lad. Hail to the white race.

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We have found the new fuher.

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Learned about this here.

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Absolute lad. That kid is going to be a legend for the rest of his life.

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No, seriously, though, good parenting.

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You're allowed to simp for your sister.

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Kid's brave. That should be the trait that his parents nurture into a burning fire. 5 to 10 years from now, the lefties will look back at this and describe how racist this kid was for not letting two white kids get killed by that "brave dog."

Do something about it. Make this kid a hero by spreading him everywhere, not just patting him on the back.

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