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Utilizing a structure for its highest purpose is a tribute to God. At least it is being used for worshiping God now.

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The Sierra Club was a genuine environmental watchdog at one time.

The gathered up data on teh effect immigrants had on American natural spaces and the environment at large. It was decidedly negative according to thier reports which went out ot to all the government agencies and media.

That Oh So Concerned jewish man named David Gelbaum bought every money hungry whore in the Sierra Club with a hundred million dollar "donation" (which of course he wrote off on his taxes so you could pay what he did not) .

The Sierra Club is very Woke today and oh so progressive and loves everyone that is not White.


The warrior against Whites, David Gelbaum is dead so he can't be lined up against a wall and shot.

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Conservatives were the Original Environmentalists. It was called Conservation back then. Then the Jews took over Environmental thought and it went full retard!.

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Can he be dug up and pissed on?

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Nobody's stopping you from finding his grave.

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At least take comfort that he is in hell.

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That is winning. All mosques should be Agdam'ed.

Agdam it!

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Point for wit

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mosque bacon is the best bacon

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Bacon ackbar.

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Hogs would love that shit. This should be a thing.

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It was Jews that committed the Armenian genocide mistly

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Pigs, too. How Apropos!

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