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Lol joogle is celebrating a literal niggerfaggot. How many more years until we see a doodle of the NAMBLA founder?

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"years"? try months. acceleration is fully underway.

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You got a point there, especially considering with all the blm shit happening lately. At this rate I get the feeling a civil war just might break out shortly after the elections this November.

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Google is a platform for pedos.

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Lol the 'trans' activists claim Marsha was a 'transwoman' who 'threw the first brick' at stonewall. IRL he was a drag queen, and admits they "showed up late" and did not throw a brick. Google promotes propaganda.

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Just another phoney brick in the (stone)wall

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Is that what that thing is? Thought it was a generic black trannie.

Even the trannies have to be black to matter.

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It was raped as a child and grew up to be nuts. The drag persona was said to be nice, but apparently the actual nigger in its natural form was violent and spoke in a demonic voice. Despite all of the propping up by various orgs that it got over the span of its life, Ol' Marsh remained broke and miserable. People paid it for sex. Also, it looks like Floyd.

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Google = Celebrating mental instability

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looks like a completely stable person

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