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Rainbow flag, a symbol for faggotry and jewish supremacist Noahide laws.

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Ah yes, a powerful starting point for the redpill journey: All faggotry originates with the jew.

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It was two Jews that passed the bills that helped legalize Interracial and Gay Marriage in America, both of these types of marriages are still banned in Israel today...

[–] Ocelot ago 

And yet the rainbow is a symbol of the purity of nature and, to Christians, God's grace.

[–] SpacemanSpliff187 ago 

The 7 layered rainbow is. The kikes took the 7 colors and made them 6 to support faggotry and mock God all in one fell swoop

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Make Germany Great Again

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Get in, fucker, we're going Hemispherical on these cunts.

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I’ll bring the gas

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I’d give anything to go back. And make sure we won.

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Reminds me of a party I went to a couple years ago. There was some kind of drinking game and when it got to my turn, I was asked if I’d go back in time to kill Hitler.

It was a very uncomfortable moment.

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"I aspire to be like the man that killed Adolf Hitler."

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I like the cut of your jib, fella

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Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. AND WILL HAPPEN AGAIN

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Funny that some like faggot will look at this with a tear of happiness in his eye. While we have tears of what was and should be.

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Inb4 they destroy the building

[–] quartertomidnight ago 

You push me to drink, but that isn't going to help anyone.

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