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Hate speech. Tear it down.

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This is in Utah, paid for by Beneficial Life Insurance Company (I think) https://www.bizapedia.com/trademarks/a-secure-family-is-a-nations-strength-73196769.html

Photo from 1988 Salt Lake City.

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a statue celebrating the family paid for by people who literally could not give less of a fuck about families than the antifa fucks that are pulling down statues like this.

seriously, insurance is one of the biggest worldwide scams that has ever existed. effectively making people who dont break shit pay for the kinds of people who do break shit constantly and cant afford to clean up after themselves.

dont play that fucking game.


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insurance is one of the biggest worldwide scams

a jewish invention, I am sure of it

ironic they paid for this statue though, isn't it?

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Insurance companies made any rear end collision the fault of the person behind. So you're fucked if someone suddenly stops out of the blue, or actually smacks into you when merging

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Insurance always causes hyperinflation, too. It divorces the cost of service from the market's willingness and ability to pay.

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Ah, Mormons get a pass to praise families since they're already a controlled masonic cult.

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Four or five years ago I despised people like you on voat, thinking you were all a bunch of white trash.

Now I'm listening to Mein Kampf on audio book and wondering how many non white babies I can't fit on my bayonet.

I always wanted this shit solved before my kids had to fight it, but now I'm well on my way to breeding my own army. Just fucking done with this shit.

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We're not going to outbreed them, there's billions of third worlders they can ship in if someone like Biden got in at any time, they could double our population of they wanted to, I've seen whole neighborhoods turn full of foreign missions Muslims in a couple years, just one term of that and we are done it's going to come down to a fight and I'm pretty sure there's already enough people to see it through it's just a matter of it kicking off

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Bad policies stay in place because they produce an unending supply of shithole dwellers / Marxist voters.

We can outbreed them. Shut off foreign aid (let them fail), eliminate internal US .gov gibs, and end .edu & teachers unions.

Home schooling & normal families will do the rest; 10-15 years problem solved.

[–] charliebrownau ago 

Its not worth breeding with empowered "EQUAL" women until collectively




are finally ready to reject

Government as the Protector, Provider and wallet

Let me know when they are willing to give the authority back to ethnic native western males

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And the best part about this is.... was it the people here who made you turn?

Or was it the fucking scum trying to tell you all whites are racist nazis that you used to side with?

No better way to create a white supremacist than to show them nigger behaviour and let faggots and pedophiles walk freely around in society.

Its all fine and dandy until your own daughters pay the toll and your children are getting accosted by adult men in bathroom stalls with petitions for child only topless pool parties and asks if you need help with your tampon.

its not clown world

evil is tangible. this isnt normal. none of it is.

[–] Fuckoffniggerfaggot ago 

It was them. They left two options; turn into a cuck, or stop giving a fuck what they think. Once you stop giving a fuck what they think, it's only a matter of time before you turn far right.

The problem with most 'conservatives' is that they still care what the cucks think of them.

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Both of my parents (and grandparents!) played such an integral roll in my becoming the woman I am today. When I watch my husband with our children I can see the benefit of his influences next to mine.

Humans have formed family groups from the beginning and maternal and paternal influence is needed to raise a whole child to adulthood.

It angers me so to see Jews keep their families and traditions intact while tearing the rest of the worlds apart.

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Will the twatwaffels be tearing down this next?

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Hadn't seen this before, this was pinned on r/whitebeauty in the archive http://archive.is/WlsAQ#selection-1241.0-1241.38

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The Jew seethes at this thought.

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This is Kryptonite to the Jew, the Jew can only succeed if families are destabilized. A stable and proud populace can't be subverted

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This is at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We have some other family-positive statues there too, like this one:


Utah has the highest white birthrate of any state in the federation.

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