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One American surrounded by traitors.

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This image is basically America right now. The few good people left surrounded by the niggerloving traitors of humanity.

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They would kick her out for not wearing the mask. Now they will remove her from the team for standing for her country.

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Some of those girls don't look White, so they can't be traitors because they never were on our side.

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That's the one you want as your wife. She is living proof all women are not lost. The challenge for you young guys is to stay focused on searching for her rather than settle for one of the kneelers.

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If you stop fighting for what's right, YOU are the problem.

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Thanks for re-hosting the photo.

Wearing a mask, but not kneeling. She got half of it correct.. though she may be forced by the school to wear a mask.

Whatever, seems like good wife material. Not kneeling is the most important of the two.

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that's what I figured, wear the mask or dont play. gotta pick your battles at times

[–] blumen4alles [S] ago 

Thanks for re-hosting the photo

Welcome. I agree she is probably forced to wear a mask if she wants to play.

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It's sad that this is notable.

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She refuses to kneel, but still wears the mask to show she has the "plandemic" DLC installed and up to date.

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She's probably required to wear it in order to be on the team.

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She's going to receive so many death threats. We need to support this girl.

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She will be made a queen in the ethnostate.

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Well, yes, that's what women use to hold power over us.

My reaction is more like:


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I love that scene.

The newer Batman movies became memes because the Bane scenes were just that good.

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They knell in submission to their new masters

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