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For accuracy; There is a chance this is a 4chan troll, but I don't know... Antifa signs do say "Good Night White Pride"

They clearly have a anti-white racial agenda, they have coordinating signage, uniform dress, militant, chant the same slogans, destroy property, harrass, threaten, innocent people with violence murder and genocide, identify on Twitter and elsewhere as 'Antifa'. Yet they are an 'imaginary' group, don't trust your lying eyes. But the 'proud boiz' & "kkk" tho... watch out, shooting every peaceful 'protestor' and innocent refugee. __/ Help me expose them as the anti-white genocidal communist terrorists they are, and force our leaders name them.

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Flyers like this is only gonna make normal people hate Antifa more. Keep up the good work you commie assholes!

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So, antifa and blm are the same thing?

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Two heads of the same hydra.

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lawsuits when