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Love the seriousness of it...

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Look at the resolve in those eyes. They were men at 16.

[–] Don-Keyhote ago 

Bullshit, 16 yo is a CHILD in fact I am told we aren't fully mature til 26, anyone under 30 CANNOT CONSENT to sex or killing, they have no appreciation of what those entail @shewhomustbeobeyed #TrustOurSluts #ProtectSluts #BelieveSluts

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Ain't nothing mature about that child. I've seen younger, with more grievous injuries. Still a child. You misunderstood what i said about 30 yr old, I said YOU are incapable of consent. Not too many people consent to killing, Boo. But you show me a 16 yr old war veteran, with the ability to support a wife, and i'll consider letting him have sex. Maybe.

But you still gotta get her parent's permission, AND girls independent consent.