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Reminder that there is no "Star of David," nor any reference to such a thing anywhere in the jew's "holy" texts.

There is, however, a "Star of Remphan." Look it up, and realize that Remphan is merely one of the devil's many incarnations.

Jews really are the synagogue of satan. This is no exaggeration.

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They worship the Rothschilds, who in turn worships satan. Judaism didn’t become zionist until the Rothschilds really stepped in. The Star of David was their family crest at the time. Rothschild means “red shield” or “red star.” That’s why the communist symbol is a red star. It’s them.

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"The jews worship Rothschilds."

I swear if that is what you meant I think we have a winner for the most asinine comment "naming the jew".

The jews have been around longer than the Rothschilds. It just so happens the Rothschilds became kang nigger through typical jewish tactics.

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This isn't true. Jews don't worship the Rothschilds and the Synagog of Satan came to be when jews rejected Christ. "Zionism" is nothing more than a smoke screen term, used by the SoS, for wanting their own country.

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I have heard that the symbol for kikes has always been the menorah and the Rothschilds started the star as a symbol. So there is nothing in Israel predating the Rothschilds that has the star on it?

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no a single take is all it takes to see this is a lizard jew

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Is that a human? It reminds me of KOTOR, or Heavy Metal, or something.

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How does that remind you of KOTOR?

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I don't remember where, but I think this person looks like a character in something I've seen before. I can't remember.

I wonder if his kind inspired what I thought was a fictional character so long ago.

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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Weapons of the jew.




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It’s almost like their sin implants it’s ugliness into their faces.

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Dorian Gray

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Happy jew slave master

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Jews look like demons badly wrapped in human skin.

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Holy shit, they put Jerry West in a jew star!

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