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I wonder how long this can go on for before Twitter starts being liable for the lynch mobs they create.

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The only males that would touch them are those like Floyd and Ray, so I guess they’re trying to normalize glossing over those behaviors as a coping mechanism.

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I'm stealing this.

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Go ahead. OP did.

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The drawing isn't mine. Text is. Still funny though. You can get an updoot.

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Can I use this on reddit for science??

[–] SPAMsammich111 [S] 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Abso-fucking-lutely. I salute you for treading where few men dare.

[–] CallingOutBsWeWoWeWo ago 

I feel most comfortable behind enemy lines. I understand the people I oppose more than the people who agree with me.

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Those eyebrows are killing me

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Yup...America..WERE FUCKED. Welcome to the "New Downfall of Rome"

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Brooks was on parole as a typical dindu nuffin criminal. The DUI he was about to get would of put him in prison.

[–] Mahkol ago 

Nice will add to my collection of doublethink memes.

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