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$10 says the nigger is armed cause he's scared of the chicken. Not joking

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Nigs really are irrationally afraid of other animals.

I used to take care of my buddy’s GSD, she was a big girl. Growled at niggers from down the block, they’d cross the street to avoid her. In a couple cases they even took off running, babbling about how “dat nigga gots ah bigayzz dawg!!”

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Essentially any animal they aren't sure they can kill w no effort is terrifying. If unarmed they would flee from a small pod of penguin.

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Probably an evolutionary thing. The wild dogs in Africa are still very much wild killers who are incredibly successful hunters (something like a 98% success rate on every hunt-basically if they target you they kill you). They were unable to domesticate the wild dog like others around the world did so they never gained the love and appreciation for them.

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Probably because niggers are lile animals. Any sudden movements put them on alert like a cat.

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In Return to Oz 1985 the Nome King is terrified of chickens.

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Ah haaaa. Now that makes more sense, kek

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But what about the chicken part?

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Import low trust "societies" as a weapon of war. Works every time.

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Curious how many of the numerous black on black murders were executed this way.

[–] ViperCarbz ago 

Old AF, too.

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It reminds me of this picture from ages ago: Unexplainable

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Beer + chicken = tasty chicken?

Gun + thug = impatient for chicken?

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The white guy's an undercover cop playing the role of the chicken's henchman in a drug sting. They almost got busted but giving the chicken a drink convinced the jogger it was legit.

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In some alternate universe this is true.

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Around blacks never relax!

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beat me to it.

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Do you think he can "legally"own that gun?

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He bought it off Tyrone for tree fiddy...

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I'd also have a weapon at the ready if someone comes up to me looking like Freddy Krueger.

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