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The issue lies within them. Personally.

Most of these people who cling to identity politics do so because they are uncomfortable in their own skins. They hate themselves; deep down, they’re Intensely uncomfortable. They know something about their beliefs, their lifestyle, their choices is wrong. That they have failed in some way. But instead of fixing themselves, which is possible but painful, they seek to fix the world, which is impossible but psychologically easy.

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Unsharable, thanks to the shitty spelling job.

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Spelling appears intentional

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This is why I come to voat. I miss the obvious things and you guys enlighten me.

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Stop bastardizing the English language. Don't become a nigger.

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I didnt make the meme

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don't forget the minecraft logo. they're going after our fellow spergs!

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We don't need any of that shit. It's not even part of my system. I have an idea about White communities I want to post but don't have enough mana. You can check my history to get a few minor details. I think I want to write handbook or manual about it and post it here. Apparently jews have been doing this for over 100 years but I think it's just recently been privatized to the point that they have farms, factories, tech, and even military industries that account for billions of dollars of revenue for Israel.

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Damn I shouldn’t be laughing..