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Was in Poland for a while, great people, beautiful women and excellent beer. I knew they were traditional, but I had no idea how based they were until after I left. No wonder I liked them so much.

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Had exactly the same experience. Beautiful young churchgoing couples everywhere. Economically not that wealthy but spiritually still quite a rich country.

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So jealous...i want my hometown to be like Poland.

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It is important that White Americans consider visiting their ancestors’ homelands and invest their energy in preserving those cultures, their women, their way of life. Places like Poland, Slovakia, Greece can still be saved. There’s a small chance but it would require the help of White Russia and White America.

You owe it to your ancestors not to allow your birthright to turn into another nigger disney land. Those countries are being attacked and pressured by the (((European Commission))) on a daily basis with kikes continuously trying to push policy that would mean the peril and destruction of the small handful of nations that remain pure and civilized. They went through a Communist Bolshevik takeover once already and the populace lost everything. Those are your people, you and your grandparents’ blood and flesh, and they need you now more than ever.

In Central and Eastern Europe, even Russia —niggers and mudslimes are already showing up little by little. Some places more than others. Various (((programs))) and whatnot subsidizing niggers now on top of the millions of mudslime gypsies already being an existing plague.

Once these foreign niggers stay for a while, they end up finding a nice, misguided, purebred White girl that has been brainwashed, and begin reproducing more frequently than you think. Kids have already grown up watching US media, celebrities, jigaboo actors, rappers, and comedians. They are starting to think its “cool” not realizing what it means for the future of their kind.

It might be too late for the US, as I don’t see how reversible the current situation with the billionaire-jew ruling class, their jew cronies in every agency, department, media, and their pet niggers by the millions. There may still be a way out but not without a spectacular boogaloo leaving many dead. We’ve already seen that cops are arresting Whites and its clear which side their DA’s and AG’s are on.

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I am half Polish, half German, 100 percent Canadian.

I really like your comment but I’m not leaving, I love THIS country despite Justine Trudeau and his army of jihad homosexuals.

As a child I was lucky enough to visit Germany, so beautiful in Her majesty, Deutschland is the mother land.

Poland is where my father was born, I long to return to my roots, so to speak.

Much work still to do here first.


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You are so correct!

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Great grandparents on my dad's dad side are from Poland.

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Its true there are already witnesses of lots of Nigger immigrants in Talliin of Estonia, and there is a slow influx of non whites in Lithunia

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Visegrad please help refugee the Amerilards

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I hope they aren't stupid enough to let what's happening in western nations happen to them.

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Cuckservatives always fail and the entire visegrad group is in the schnegen area which means shitskins can go there anytime they want.

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Interesting, I don't think the Slavs are as invincible as westerners think. They are much better off but still I notice shit happening over their too.

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Why in english?

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Because blacks dont read polish?

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blacks can read?

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And it became an international issue. Floyd's parents asked the help of the U.N.

U.N. Peacekeepers are warming up: https://needtoknow.news/2020/06/54-african-countries-called-for-a-probe-into-us-systemic-racism-and-police-violence/

I can't breathzwje !!!

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Naweza kunusa harufu ya punda yako kutoka mji wa Rasi

[–] boekanier ago 

Do you understand polish?

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jedyną dobrą świnią jest martwa świnia

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All Pollack jokes are to be replaced with jews and niggers.

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No one makes Pollack jokes anymore because we are no longer an easy target.

Why did the nigger cross the road?

Because the Jew offered discount fried chicken on the other side..., the watermelon was kosher...,

How do you make a watermelon kosher.?.., I don’t know, ask a nigger.

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we need more banners going up. we need more caucadian defense gangs. the enemy keeps pusking us, we need to push back.

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Here's the article: Here

Here's the googlemap view of the location: Here

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Goat if you would have edited your link before submitting this awesome pic could have embedded!


see the question mark near the end?

https://epoznan.pl/storage/gallery/67446/lyf79TGopvjYhY2rNDe0mZU4tgKApIlI_wmgallery.jpg ?1592985005

delete the ? and everything after next time:


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