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That makes 109 countries and at least one hotel that the jews have been thrown out of

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Good stuff.

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This isnt impressive tbh. Even some Aztec tribe in Central America kicked out the jews. Even a probable 75 iq injuns had enough of jews

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It was posted weeks ago but my favorite comment on that thread was:

"Somewhere in the amazon rainforest is some dude in a loincloth saying 'fucking jews' "

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holy shit even island niggers hate dirty jewbag filth.

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That's not something that should surprise you. In the west we're either too polite or too scared to say it. Thailand doesn't have a fabricated history where they murdered kikes by the bucketful. Calling a slant nigger an antisemite has no effect. They fucking know they have nothing to feel guilty about.

[–] Zestyclose_Marketing 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

It doesnt help that the slants have no sense of empathy, the eat their own kind in black markets

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They want it to remain “the land of smiles”—not viles.

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Tfw thinking thais are nigger and thailand is an island... Get an education voat please.

The world is a beautiful place and its people are diverse. The only thing is that they all need to live appart.

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It was a joke. Calm down, island nigger! We can unite on hating jews.

[–] Brotherhoodlum ago 

Phi-Phi is an island, you mongoloid.

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Why would you go there if it's not for sexual tourism? That place is a real shithole filled with ladyboys and pedophiles.

[–] Shlarb123 1 point 23 points (+24|-1) ago 

Sometimes I can’t tell if you guys are trolling or what, but not every non-western country is a shithole teeming with dark characters looking to rob and murder you. These places have their problems but Thailand for instance, you can have a fucking beer on the sidewalk with your friends without some pig zogbot threatening to fine you or haul you off to jail, you don’t need a fucking business license to sell shit on the street, and they block a lot of porn websites for being degenerate (which it is).

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I doubt a good number of Voat users have traveled much of the world. Like American cities, overseas cities have places that are safe, and places that are war zones. You have to know how to tell the differences between the two when traveling, and other than the last few years of global instability, traveling used to be a reasonably safe pastime, so long as you stuck to the rules.

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Yep.Thailand is alright.

The local folk are generally polite and easygoing.

They have their problems too, but they're not negroes.

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Thai food is some of the best in the world, sure you have to avoid the rat-on-a-stick but there is a ton of good stuff.

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and they block a lot of pirn websites for being degenerate

Isnt Thailand where rich jews go to rape children?

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A mecca for deviants.

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Some people like tropical beaches and some like raping kids. I guess you doing like beaches.

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One can be certain they're up to no good, in any case. They might go there to liaise with Chinese spies.

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Thailand is an outlet for Chinese drugs as well.

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I'd pay extra to not be in the same hotel as a jew!

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lol like restaurants in the old days " smoking or non smoking? "

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Holy shit, if the sex tourism center of the world thinks you're a piece of crap....

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You leave now! No more jews in my hotel mudafucka

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Kikes BTFO

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God bless that manager!

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