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Crickets when that 7 year old white girl had her throat slit by that fucking immigrant nigger.. this likely won’t see the light of day unless the (((msm))) can spin it

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guys! guys guys. a government official in detroit put a retarded fucking nigger who had been tested positive for covid1984 into a god damn nursing home where he went on to beat the fucking shit out of two elderl6 white people. i dont even think he had mental issues i think he was just a typical stupid racist nigger who was acting normal.

[–] Tru_Gen ago 

Why is this the first time I'm seeing the moniker "covid 1984"? Simply, brilliant.

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Make them irrelevant, switch off the media whores and youtube beggars for a month, a year even, watch it tank, and they will have no influence like they currently boast of. They cannot make money or do anything without their faggoty tech, all the pedos have moved from one area to another most are in tech, all disgusting faggots that should be castrated and it shoved in their mouth or a bit of tobacco juice in the tea.

[–] Sometimesineedhelp ago 

Who? When?

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Nah its ok, only whites are not allowed to have knifes in London.

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Yeah but whites do have knives too so and some of the Whites can find those Nager’s and hang them up and skin them like a rabbit.

Never trust a Knigge never turn your back on it they travel in packs they’re nothing but clinical retard shit and it’s an Arab Knigge they do nothing but murder and if they pretend to be nice it’s called Taqiya lie Every single one they are Demonic excrement Even the even the Muslim children will stab you they have no remorse they need to die

[–] BlueDrache ago 

Punctuation, nigger. Do you speak it?

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White guy is dead according to reports. Will be surpressed

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If he survived it still would have been suppressed and he'd be arrested if he ever brought it up.

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And blacks kill blacks all the time, nothing said, blacks killing whites nothing said, its only when it feeds into an agenda, that's what matters. Russia today are very sympathetic, I hope they get a load of blacks. They think they are smart in fact all white men think they are smart. Look out Russia, Idc if it does happen to them. I'm sick of their bullshit nuclear propaganda.

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Russians don't take shit from them.

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Yeah did you media tries to suppress it but an alternative media it’s everywhere and we are watching and we have their photos n the video And they cannot run and they cannot hide they will be fucking killed if they dare threaten white people

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We all know only Black Lives Matter. And they only matter if a white person kills them.

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Bill Cosby's life doesn't matter because he is a conservative!

He wasn't allowed to defend himself in court and now rots in prison because he wanted blacks to own their shit and stop blaming white people for their problems.

He was about to run for president and tried to buy NBC. He wouldn't have allowed twerking to be pushed as black culture or any of that ghetto shit. So they accuse him of being a rapist.

If he was guilty they would have allowed him to present his evidence and defend himself.

He was a threat to the democratic plantation. And blacks don't give a fuck that he got railroaded in a rigged court.

Anyone that tries to tell the black community the truth is destroyed. They haven't had any real leadership in two generations.

If Candace Owens was a man she would have been accused of rape by now. She is already labelled a white supremacist and creepy Joe says anyone voting trump isn't black.

This is the systematic racism that blacks are facing and it's all coming from the left.

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The MSM will ignore this, but will portray the white as the 'far right'. That nigger needs hunting down, and to swing from the nearest tree.

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Don't punish a tree. The gutter is sufficient.

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The media (((and associates))) are waging a war against us, and will continue until they receive sufficient disincentives.

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Call it what it is: White genocide.

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Media equals Jews associates means Jews they’re the ones that I brought the Islamic Muslim cockroaches and the disease violent monkeys they don’t follow rules laws and they try to change them they do nothing but murder and rape infants Muslims a Nager’s need to die sending them to away doesn’t work they just come back and do the same thing they need to die with the same torture that they inflict on the children

[–] BlueDrache ago 

Punctuation, nigger. Do you speak it?

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"All fucking niggers must fucking hang!"

~Animal Mother

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