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6G = 6 gorillian.

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this is the most underrated post currently on voat.

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How about we just get 4G to fucking work

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Yes the mocha blend brown citizens of tomorrow need faster porn and amazon connection. Build the 5G!

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Trump is totally not a plant or controlled opposition in any way to keep a revolution that is merely a wet dream at bay.

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Preaching to the choir here. Trump's favorite flavor is Jew Jew Cum.

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I always just show the timelines.

We apologize and then we tell them to get all their people out of the fucking west...right now.

To give you an idea of U.S. History in dealing with muslims.

For the first 172 years of its existence the US had 2 wars with muslims. Both due to barbary pirates and both within 16 years of each other and one was only 1 year long. So really 1 "war" and 1 "dust up"

In the 71 years since Israels founding we have had something to the tune of 4 major conflicts and a dozen more "dust ups" And these conflicts are spanning around 40 years of that time and counting.

Major Conflicts include

Lebanon First Iraq War Second Iraq War (ongoing) Afhganistan (Ongoing)

Yah, we gotta be tough with muslims and im sure we would fight them now and again regardless. But make no mistake we are indeed kicking the fucking hornets nest quite often. Mostly by supporting Israel at every god damn turn. It's incredibly clear Israel is the real problem here not sand niggers.

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How bout no.