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Yes, but what about diversity?

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It's fucking packed with people from Seattle. Chinks, niggers, street shitters and white liberals. It's fucking horrifying. There's about 10-15 minutes of anything interesting there. Don't even bother with Octoberfest, they put up some chainlink fence and charge $20/person to get in. Once your in, they attempt to sell you $8/beers in small plastic cups. They have a couple shitty bands playing, only one playing actual German folk music. Everything stinks and there's nothing to do but drink and stand in endless lines.

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This guy knows whats up. Fuck Leavenworth was bad ass when the saw mill was running....now its spic/junglenigger town

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Yeah it looks nice but it's a tourist hive and nothing more.

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Very accurate breakdown of the Leavonworth experience. I'd rather be in Fort Leavenworth for an extended stay than go to that town again.

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The Enchantments nearby are worth going to. From the car window as you pass by this bavarian-themed junglepeople town is pretty cute.

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You are laughing but this is an awfully useful metric when evaluating whether or not a place is worth visiting or moving to; and it is widely advertised everywhere you look for information.

Of course you can use it either way :-)

Same reason I am carefully listening to trips / vacations stories and opinions from my liberals acquaintances... oh this place is oh so vibrant ! and diverse ! and culturally rich ! and I opine silently while mentally crossing off said location from my list of potential destinations.

Pretty much the same way I carefully listen to nutritional advices from fatties, or career / financial advices from losers.

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How does one opine silently?

opine. The verb opine is used when someone speaks up and expresses an opinion.

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Pretty much the same way I carefully listen to nutritional advices from fatties, or career / financial advices from losers.

You're a modern day confucius:

"When I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers. I will select their good qualities and follow them, their bad qualities and avoid them."

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The town is a beautiful and serene "tourist trap"...the diversity passes through it.

It looks like this in June at the international accordion festival. A few locals wearing liederhosen or dirndls.

And it looks like this in december.

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Why didn't he run those people over there at the end?

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You're right. It would be so much better if we dropped a boat-load of Congo niggers there.

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It's a tourist trap. You go there to eat and to see tourist ware. It's hell if you get caught on the highway in/out at rush hour... I went once and never went back.

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The locals don’t like you. Please come through have your german sausage and lager then proceed out of town. Thank you.

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get some semi-decent German food.

Consider learning to cook it yourself, you can get close enough to satisfy the craving. Ideally you have a German butcher shop nearby but you can mailorder knockwurst & bratwurst or just sub local stuff. Schnitzel was a challenge but it only took a few tries to make a decent version. Supermarket spaetzle (pasta aisle) can't equal freshly made but it is close. Pork gravy is easy from scratch and get deli case or butcher shop sauerkraut. Don't bother if it is canned. We have a reasonable German meal every few weeks, add German/Austrian beer of choice.

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Where in Germany did you live?

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Still too close to Seattle..

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Visited recently - it was mostly nice. Saw a couple of really destitute people camping, but it's mostly nice, really friendly. Wasn't overly impressed by the food, but I travel a lot and I've had some really good food in my time, especially in smaller parts of Europe (Portugal really stood out, as did Prague), but some of the sushi is great, and there's a lot of good Asian food - had some of the best pot stickers I've had (there was like an Asian street festival where you could get little dishes from all the restaurants for like a buck or two).

I was disappointed at the enormous cost of the museums - $35 for the space needle? Fuck off.

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Don't let the spics or niggers find out.

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...too late, somone dressed them up in Lederhosen and thought it was cute

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The streets are way too wide.

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Not to mention that the town is built with the typically american grid structure as well.

Edit: Not to mention that Bavaria/Germany barely has a bit of the alps on their territory, but i can let that slide.

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Another such place is Helen, Georgia

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I came to say this. Helen is still touristy but probably better than that other town. Don't remember any minorities in Helen

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I like to vacation there on occasion. They have an awesome place that sells hand carved clocks.

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Leavenworth is a beautiful nightmare.

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Please elaborate

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It's an extremely beautiful place, awe-inspiring almost but it's packed almost shoulder-to-shoulder with people during any event. Even on an average day it's extremely crowded and tourist field. They put lights all over the town for the holidays, it's a Christmas sight to behold! Just too many people.

It's still worth a visit though because there is a really good rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking right outside the town. Despite its downfalls I would still recommend anyone to visit it once just because of how beautiful it is. It's also a really nice drive if you're within a reasonable distance.

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