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Thor is pleased.

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Looks more like he is a little excited.

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Looks like Zukerbergs brain since he is not human

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don't you mean Yahweh is displeased?

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This has to be at least 10 times worse than a sharknado

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[–] Smells_Like_Tacos ago 

Don't give hollywierd any ideas.

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6hour exposure time

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you sure? assuming those are stars in the background, they don't seem to move enough for 6 hours.

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Several minutes then.

[–] fusir ago 

They've moved quite a lot. But I'm also not sure those are stars. Shouldn't their arc center in the sky and not the horizon?

[–] TheKalergiFan ago 

Exactly the stars are moving! Not the earth

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Lightning is created more easily in a dust cloud than regular clouds because there are more particles to build up a static charge.

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i dont care, look at the stars in the background.

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that is one cool fucking photo

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Here's another cool fucking photo:


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Making those wyite babies eh?

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Ban volcanoes!

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Assault style volcanoes are the leading cause of beaner deaths.

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Glerberl wermerng!!

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More volcanoes could be a way to geo-engineer our way out of "Glerberl wermerng". Fight the CO2 with, I think, SO2.

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There are forces involved in this world that are not generally talked about. Look up Electric Universe and the work of Judy Wood. If you still can....

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This force is just static electricity my dude, but I do encourage people to look into Electric universe

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Actually, static electricity does have a lot to do with it but some EU experts claim that volcanoes themselves do have a very significant electrical aspect that starts deep underground. I forget all the details, its one of the more complex aspects of EU geology imo but its very interesting and something youll never hear about from the mainstream geologists.

[–] Phantom42 ago 

Hmm... What are the practical applications, assuming this theory is the truth?

[–] gazillions ago 

It's th earth brain having an epileptic seizure. Seed the clouds with dilantin and it will calm right down. Of course American taxpayers will pick up the tab. Full pharma retail too.

[–] nomadriders ago 

I don't believe anything from Judy Wood, since she denies that Jews had anything to do with 9/11.

[–] Phantom42 ago 

So... What are the practical applications of such a theory? Free energy? Forcefields? Lasers?

Just curious is all.

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Endless, almost anything is possible but they dont want people knowing this for many controlling reasons. Look into how much technology is suppressed. Ever wonder how ufos fly with no wings and no noise? There is different names for it but field propulsion and electrogravitics or just a few people give it. The general population is told this is all nonsense while the airforce admits they have technology at least 40 years ahead, look into the b2 stealth bomber's electric assisted mode, some experts claim it can fly completely in that mode without its normal engines, might explain why its so damn expensive.

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Just a long exposure time. The lightning did not all strike at once, but over a short period of a few minutes. I think someone linked the original above, but I also found it on a few other sites. Looks like it even won a few awards, including the one I've linked below:


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This looks dangerous

[–] Smells_Like_Tacos ago 

Naw, no way, just go cast your line in there, see what ya catch. Might be a big one.

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