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It looks like a tribal african and the woman that restored the Jesus portrait collaborated.

I can't be the only one...

[–] satisfyinghump ago 

Assumed this is what was meant.

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My first thought, too.

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It's folk and 20th century modern. I'm a fan

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Very cool!

[–] SyriansFuckCorpses ago 

Incredible artistic ability. Some of the greatest I've ever seen

[–] Obvy ago 

Damn look at those titties, maybe a bit too sexualized.

[–] Sorry_you_are_alone ago 

I see chainsaw art has crossed the ocean.

[–] Cosmicdrifter ago 

It looks like shit, face looks straight out of a kid's coloring book.

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Art reflects you. The beauty you see in anything you look at comes from within you. You can look at a sunset and hate it; you can look at a rose and want to tear it apart. That's you, not the rose. The rose is just a rose.

If you are constantly angry, if life tires you and bores you at the same time, if you find yourself mindlessly, unhappily clicking, try new things. Neurons that fire together wire together.

[–] satisfyinghump ago 

What you say right here fascinates me so much. You have any material about this topic, books/textbooks/websites/Videos?

[–] SyriansFuckCorpses ago 

I just annihilated my cock to that sexy fucking statue

[–] Sorry_you_are_alone ago  (edited ago)

Note to men in general: please avoid any form of masturbation that involves crushing your penis, for example 'riding' pillows or humping a mattress. This can damage your penis by bending it too far up and by putting more pressure on the sensitive tissue than your hand would; it's much better to use your hand and let your penis angle naturally. Studies suggest that masturbation that involves squashing your penis, while fun, can lead to erectile issues later. Please be careful with your joystick! You only get one!!

[–] rspix000 [S] ago 

Try not to get splinters