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You got that bokeh locked in. What's your f stop and distance?

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Thanks! f stop is 8.0. Distance from the bird was cca 5 metres.

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I didn't think they were so colorful. Looks like a hummingbird. Do they live on the west coast?

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I took the photo in Europe.

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Nice clear picture. Thanks for the share. Never have seen a kingfisher before.

[–] NEWCON ago 

Then how in the fuck would you know it's a King Fisher? The photographer doesn't even know what he's talking about...King Fishers are black and white. I'm offended by this pic and I want to speak directly to the administrators of this site.

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That's cool! Camera/ lens?

I feed birds a lot in my garden, and I've managed to get video of them but it's so hard to get a good pic. I've got to the stage where they're cool enough with me to sneak my phone out and record them (I've got a great vid of a baby Stellar's Jay; it's like, ridiculously blue and still fluffy), and it's made me think maybe I should get a better camera and get some good shots. I often get little baby birds (mostly sparrows and songbirds) feeding like, three feet from my face. The other day, I had a bunch of like five lil'uns on the porch rail, a baby squirrel on one side like a foot away from me eating peanuts, and a rock dove called Stripey who was recovering from something that damaged her feathers two feet away on the other side. I was like 'I AM SNOW WHITE!!!' I guess it works; I'm super pale; I sing to myself; I wear a lot of floor-length skirts;, and wild animals follow me around. Also we have a really tall porch, so everyone I chat to on a daily basis is functionally shorter than me.

Stripey story - because I have one - Stripey is a fucking boss at eating peanuts. I put out some shelled peanuts, some are whole, some halves/ fragments, and she fitted roughly 50ish nuts into her crop. After about six I started counting and I think it was about 52 'boks' total. Her whole neck swelled up with them - it was really skinny before, but she downed 50 peanuts and it got all fat (note: birds have a thing called a 'crop' which is like a sort of extra chamber where they can stuff food to eat later. They can then regurgitate it from the crop and eat it or feed it to their young). Anyway; I had previously noticed that the male rock doves (same thing as carrier pigeons - it's the same bird) will swell their feathers up when they're trying to get it on with a female. So the fluffy neck thing they do is a dove/ pigeon way to go 'hey baby, check out how much seed I have in my crop.'

I digress. Birds are great. If you want to see more of them I highly recommend feeding corvids (crows, stellar's jays etc) peanuts etc, and providing small seeds for small song birds. Also feed the squirrels. If you feed the egg-robbers, you get more little birds. And more squirrels, but we're close enough to an enormous length of forest that they just move to a new territory once their parents chase them off.

The other day, two of them had rather violent squirrel sex in a tree very near me. Both of them made eye contact, and I'm just not sure how I feel about that right now.

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Thank you! I used Sony DSC-HX80. It's a small digital compact ca,era with fixed zoom lens with 30x optical zoom. You can see more of my pictures here: https://patreon.com/johnnyrei

That's great that you have a garden like that - lots of birds coming there. I on the other hand live in a flat so I have to go outside to local parks,, forests, lakes and rivers to get pictures/videos. Sometimes I have to wait a lot in one place, with loads of mosquitoes. But the pictures/videos are worth it every-time :)

If you wanna take better pics I would recommend buying a compact camera, instead of using a smartphone. The one that I mentioned is pretty good one and doesn't cost a lot. It's like a Swiss-army knife of cameras. It has zoom - so you can photograph things in the distance or close-by. It also has much bigger sensor than your smartphone - therefore photos have more detail in them. But you have to be careful with it not to drop the camera or soak it or have sand go into it.

There's a new version of it called Sony DSC-HX-99 which is even better, because it has a touchscreen and you can touch-focus. It's a little-bit more expensive, but still in a lower-price region. 1.

Birds are awesome. I get a kick out of them. Love taking picture/making videos of all of them. Although I don't have any familiar ones like you - still - it's a blast to watch them play, hunt, argue.

Anyways - say hello to Stripey.

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Thanks for the info! I'll have a look at the camera, and at your pics :)

I saw Stripey earlier, she looked good!

Happy birding:)

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Stunning. I am never lucky enough to get shots like that.

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Well this wasn't as much about luck as it was about waiting cca 2hours in one spot for the perfect moment. Thank you - glad you like it!

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What kind of camera do you use?

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Love those birds. Great picture.

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Thank you!

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Great picture! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the content you post.

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I have like 4 feeders yup and a bath... i usually just get red wing black birds some woodpeckers occasionally a cardinal lots of finches



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Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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