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Why peepo and they making jets and going to the moon and exploring oceans and sheeeiiitt!!!!!

When Dey gonna give me my monies!?!?

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Yes, we stole all that technology from Africa and we owe them reparations for it!

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HAHAHA...I've had black people in comments say that and actually mean it.

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Pictured: An F15 in the foreground and in the background is the Space Shuttle being launched.

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There may be some shit down there. Snopes said your comment is mostly false.

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Damn, white people are so fucking dope

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Your comment is racist....black people are more than capable of engineering fighter jets and space shuttles. You just don't see it often because racism. And they are poor because of racism. And they have no fathers because of racism. Are they get bad grades because of racism. And they commit crime because of racism. You Nazi.

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Reality: the US has become dominant by stealing these technologies from Wakanda.