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Worth pointing out that there mere presence on the aircraft doesn't mean guilt. Based on what is known, people are invited so that evidence of criminal activity can be captured. One, maybe two trips might mean nothing. A second trip because the first didn't get anything. So on...

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But one's a faggot and the other one's a nigger.

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Don't forget Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker.

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If questioned and Epstein doesn't have tapes to blackmail you they should feel comfortable saying what happened. If they fucked kids they'll likely remain silent when confronted by a reporter.

[–] RoundWheel ago 

Like the train of thought there. But many people are allergic to bullets in the back of their head. And as such, fear continues to control them.

But I sincerely hope you're right and I'm wrong.

[–] robot7247 ago 

Or nothing at all happens to some.

Then you could say :"Talk to X, she was there with her clergy entourage many times for the great swimming & snorkeling."

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British police are currently speaking with Spacey about sex assaults in the UK, and in the same week that Epstein gets arrested...interesting.

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He should tell them he's "asian". That'll clear things right up.

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He should tell them he identifies as a muslim shitskin, and that fucking anything and everything is part of his culture/religion. They will give him a knighthood after that....

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Pff, well if the brits are interested in talking to someone about sex assaults, they're probably just looking for tips and pointers.

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Thats way too many degenerates in one place. If anything Epstein is guilty by association.

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If anyone is going to roll over, it’s Chris Tucker. That nigger got bit by a werechristian and now thinks it’s a people.

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The fact that he is even on any list explains how he got to be so big out of no where, Nigger only made 5 grand for the first movie he ever did (Friday) then got lost for a short time just doing stand up because he wanted no parts of "Them" but then gave in to the Jews and then...…..BAM

[–] phillyjoe ago 

There is a movie in that story!

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You sound like a Jew

So you know

[–] Hatriot ago 

You sound like a faggot.

Everyone already knows.

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Lots of other names just in this one screenshot.

Rodney Slater was secretary of transportation under Clinton. Modeling agent John Luc Brunel, accused of molestation and providing young girls. Doug Band, involved in Clinton Foundation shenanigans. Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney. Entertainment exec Casey Wasserman and his wife. Ira Magaziner, Clinton senior adviser.

[–] MasonxMace ago 

Chris "Rush Hour" Tucker? I forgot about him. Didn't he make a big fuss during filming the 3rd Rush Hour movie that he was a born again Christian or something and didn't want any excessive vulgarity or nudity in the movie? I vaguely remember something like that happening. Is that the same guy from the list?

[–] THEx1138 ago 

I remember that trip. Elvis came along but was flying so he wasn't on the list.

[–] 65Creedmoor ago 

Deep state faves

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