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It's because red hair is exclusive to white people and can't be closely replicated by niggers. They dye their hair blonde and some even claim that blonde hair can be natural in blacks, but there's not a naturally red haired nigger on this earth.

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some even claim that blonde hair can be natural in blacks

It can, but that blondness is definitely different from the White people's blonde, and indeed iirc it's caused by an entirely different gene

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I thought it was caused by malnutrition.

[–] VoataoV ago 

Not quite. Hamilton's black descendants have red hair but that's because they're mutts.

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Theres a black "Little Mermaid"?
Can she swim? Or does she sit on the rocky shore all day complaining about getting her "hair" wet?

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Muh Weave.

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She sinks and dies. Next.

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I read that as "stinks" and dies, lol. Both are accurate.

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Redheads are my favorite. Fuck this shit.

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With a Scottish accent!!! One please, red head with a Scottish accent.

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I'd love to actually see you meet a Glaswegan goddess on a night out. The last Scottish lass I remember getting properly trollied with was 4'8 and it took three bouncers to carry her out of a nightclub.

And that was a surprise to me; she seemed totally normal until she had some pints down.

Geordie girls are even scarier.

Trust me lads; you're not equipped for a Scottish redhead. Go find yourself a nice boy from the town you move to after you realize that you seriously need to move away from the stupid you were raised on. If you do want to catch a filly like that, you'll have to actually be able to handle her.

I'd like for you to have a happy ending.

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It's not just redheads. The goal is to demoralize the white race.

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Lmao is the Starfire one real?

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Unfortunately, yes. They made Starfire look like a black Harlem hooker from 1988.

[–] Mr_Wolf ago 

and looks ugly as sin

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If niggers waz kangz n shiet, you'd figure they could come up with their own characters rather than steal ours.

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top fucking kek

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kek niggers didn't even steal it the kikes stole it for them

[–] Mr_Wolf ago 

all the real characters reflect real life, the niggers actually enjoy those movies as well.

but what gets put out is filth

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As a red head, I've noticed this for years and have Comme Ted on it to friends and family who just don't see it. Finally some validation! Red heads are hated by Hollywood!

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Don't pay attention to these kikes. Learn to spot them, because they will try to gas light you.

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gingers have no soul, they also steal your wallet and smell of wee...

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Don't tell me, blondes are dumb too?

Ever wonder where this shit comes from?

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Good one. How's 5th grade going for ya?

[–] Tailgunner ago 

What is that "Gingers have no soul" even based on? I never understood the ginger hate.

[–] blumen4alles ago 

You can have red hair or a red beard and not be a ginger. All "red heads" are not gingers. There are many famous people in history with red hair or red beards...

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It's always been about eliminating rh negative blood redheads for the jew. Jews were never chosen. Imagine... what kind of God would "choose" them?

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I don't know if you're taking the piss or what, but as a rh neg red head , do I need to be concerned...and why ?

[–] Ginger_Snaps ago 

I never joke about the killing of our beautiful kind empathetic rh negative redheads... I am one.

[–] P4TR10TP1550NL1B5 ago  (edited ago)

You probably should be looking over your shoulder.

[–] squishysquid ago 

what's special about rh negative giving jews the chosen vibe?

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The jews hate us rh negative redheads. We are a danger to them.

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