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If they can find graves like this in Cambodia, why can't they find a single grave from the most tragic genocide of all time in Germany?

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The Germans really really wanted to hide their mass-killings, so they meticulously destroyed all of the evidence, but they stupidly forgot to hide the piles of shoes and hair!

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And their lampshades!

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dont ask questions goy!

remember the 6 gorillion

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Remember, they were incinerated in their thousands each day in the most massive and efficient furnaces the world has ever known! So, unfortunately, I cannot prove that they died... but here are lots of shoes! Oy vey! saved!

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If you remove a jews shekels quickly he evaporates in to a thin mist. Only the shoes remain.

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French tried to ethnically replace Cambodians with Pakistanis.

Rest in peace Kebabs.

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Fucking French wiggers were sucking muslim cock from the beginning!

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Wow wut?

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You don't know about that? (((France))) occupied Cambodia and imported Muslims from Bengladesh to replace the Cambodians while starving the Cambodians to death to create a massive rootless slave labor population.

The Cambodians resisted it and formed the Khmer Rouge that killed all the kebabs France imported and anyone suspected of working for France and their bankers.

The Khmer Rouge are still regarded as heros, but to restore international trade the Cambodians pretended to reject them, but actually elected them as the leaders of their country and gave them good paying government jobs.

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Jesus tried to warn us of the jews who say they are jews but they are not. (((They))) are of the Synogogue of satsn. I know of the they you worship he is a lisr and a murderer. Communism is the work of the devil spoken of by the devils tongue to lure those weak of will to their death's this is the devils work and his lies will be exposed

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The meaning behind this verse is often understood. The word Jew did not exist when the Bible was first written in Greek. So if we translate it literally, we have "Those who claim to be the people of Isreal but are not." The race we know as "Jews" are not the people of Isreal of the Bible, who were originally White. Jews are mixed race mongrels who have racemixed with every country they have parasitically occupied.

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Real Israelites burn Israel flag and dance around it. They are not better than the fake ones from a goy pov though.

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They claim to be jews but they worship the devil. the kikes are devil worshipers

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Oh wow, a 6 month account with a description of "Jewish operative" shilling against Christianity. I'm about as surprised as when I hear that a murder was committed by a nigger.

[–] Libtardscum ago 

In every description of the Israelites in the bible they are described as "beautiful" or "well built." Where you look at the modern day Jews is that what u see?

[–] Phantom42 ago 

Expanding on what @vonbacon said, it's why that verse says "but are a/the Synagogue of Satan".

They use the name "Jew" as a cover name of sorts. It's like a pedophile saying "I'm pedosexual", or a Bolshevik saying "I'm a Democratic Socialist".

It's all the same idea.

Also, this goes perfectly with the Jewish nature. They worship the Devil, what are his other titles?

The Lord of Lies, The Great Deceiver, so on...

What are Jews good at?



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Nothing compared to the germans. They fought against the entire world on two fronts and that time they had the most effcieint killing machine in human history burning close to 2k jews perday and they did it with out one written order being recovered they were so good their codes were broken they didnt know they were being listend to and recorded and they were so good they still never talked about the killing and burning of millions of jews. It is unbelievble how good they were... i mean it is really unbelievble if you think about it and they did all of this off their own soil they did it in other countries TRULY UNFUCKINGBELIEVBLE.

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Those skulls are antisemitic

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But the Khmer Rouge didn't have fusion powered ovens like the Nazis did.

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Evidence doesn't count anymore, it's ideology that has the big word.

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Hey uhh... In any way, at all, were Jews behind this at all?

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Kikes created and promoted communism, which is what these people died either fighting or as a victim of. So yes, as usual, the kikes are the originators.

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I think op may just be a dummy who misunderstood the point of the title. @asdf23 if that is the case, the point is that Jews claim 6 million of them were killed but there is no physical evidence that you would expect from such a gargantuan slaughter, whereas in real mass murders like the Cambodian one there is plenty.

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The French were involved either indirectly - e.g., Pol Pot and others cambodian leaders received a french education and lived in France - (like quite a few other infamous genocidal maniacs such as Idi Amin Dada, Hayatolla Khomeini, etc. France has a long tradition as an incubator for genocidal regimes...) or more directly like the french lawyer and politician Vergès who actively participated — with so far complete impunity —in the genocide that he now denies even took place.

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the french couldnt do shit. their only involvement was being slaughtered trying to hold on to colonies that had been occupied by japan against people who started their revolutionary stuff before the japs surrendered.

fuck man go read up on the indochine wars, start with The Battle of Dien Bien Phu where fucking farming mongs from the arsehole of asia completely fucking raped six batallions of french regular paratroopers. Those frog motherfuckers started a civil war, begged for america to take over because 'communizums' then when you took over, fucked off and pulled out of the region entirely thereby leaving tens of thousands of conscripted americans and australians to be slaughtered.

[–] i_scream_trucks ago 

This is communism we are talking about. Invented by jews.

[–] asdf23 ago 

Gotta have more than that.. I suppose a single joo on any payroll would do. Need more than that as well.

[–] CuckieMonster ago 

In any way at all, was this a hoax like the Holocaust?

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I do not think anyone thinks that

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