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Whites are a global minority. White miscegenation is racial suicide.

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Literally the poster family for muh diversity.

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Do you know the biggest problem with this?

Kid is a mutt.

Eventually its mutt vs mutt and EVERYONE on earth is BROWN.

People need to wake the fuck up, the only winner of miscegenation are nogs. Everybody who breed with nogs shit out nogs. Fucking progeny is getting blacker and blacker. White + black = brown. yellow + black = brown. brown + black = dark brown. You see the problem here? Everybody going to turn into SHITSKIN as the lighter skin great great grandparents die off after breeding with shitskins!

As years past, the number of BROWN in world population increase in % in comparison with other color until eventually everyone became BROWN. This is why miscegenation IS bad and especially most destructive for the blonde blue eyed gene as they lose out when they miscegenate as these genes are the most recessive! And OF COURSE, skin color is not everything, the IQ of average human populace WILL go down as inferior sub-saharan gene dirty every other gene pool and eventually, every place is going to turn into shitholes as a result.

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I don't know why white people breed with Niggers or Chinks? It's race genocide and when mixed with black the kid is a Nigger & when mixed with Chink the kid comes out looking like a Chink? Both are not cute kids.

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Let's say hypothetically that many years in the future everyone is brown. The people currently pushing to divide us will find another reason to divide us.

Brown people that do not understand they are being used to keep the rich rich are fucking retards.

Edit: Buenos noches y tacos burritos con queso! Te amo Americans. (Please vote for me!)

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We have to establish a white homeland in Appalachia.

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Gross. An ugly blend of features for all.

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Nig nog didn’t get thanked enough for “muh service”. Uniform outside of military functions look retarded as he is.

[–] 19432978? ago 

Yea I get it your part of the military now put on some normal clothes because this is the Target and I don’t think there is a military event currently happening here

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Yea I’d like the military discount please you can tell I’m in the military because I’m wearing my uniform in public for no reason aaaaa

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Shame they’re hetero

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America is AN IDEA! Not A RACE!

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No. It was white till the Hart Seller Act of 1965. We was a mutt of European stock and we went to the fucking moon. Now look at us. Its shameful how far we have fallen

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at least the black guy has a job

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That’s a first

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