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Why do people post the caption in the title? I don't care to read this twice

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Ever been on news websites?

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You want voat to be like fake news sites?

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because OP is a shit alt


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I'm really tring to wrap my brain around what you actually typed... It's not a caption. You read it twice, and got so annoyed at reading that you had to make a comment about it. I think I understand completely now. Still, what?

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You took more effort than me in your comment than mine lol

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If a fish doesn't follow the stream, up or down, whichever way, it's out of the banks and then it DIES because fishes need water.

Horrible shitpost.

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This is spray painted on a wall. The act itself is criminal and destructive. It's an act of defiance that begs you to join it in it's degeneracy. It's the work of a literal dead fish trying to justify poor life choices that lead to it's own demise.

Life is only hard when you try to swim upstream. There are always tried and true methods of success. You may not get e-thot famous, cuck zuck rich, or AOC level politically retarded...but you will have a consistent pattern of success that snowballs into a pretty decent life. There's a reason certain life lessons and concepts can be found throughout most major religions and cultures. They fucking work. What doesn't work is being a shit tier looser, high on meth, spray painting idiocy on a wall you don't own.

There's a reason the 'stream' tends to flow the way it does, because that's the most efficient path before it.

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Seems like an ironic way to convey the message...by destroying public or private property. People in the matrix stay in the matrix. The ones that "wake up" are the ones who end up dead with needles in their arms after spray painting faux intellectual bs on walls. Anyone capable of existing outside the matrix doesn't need to be woken up. They never bought in. They never sold out. They were literally never victims of the heard mentality. They were born with eyes wide open or at least open enough to bring a healthy skepticism to life. They live their life with that nagging feeling that something just isn't right with the people around them. There just aren't many people like that out there and it may not necessarily be a gift.

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In Chinese/Japanese folklore, there is a myth that if a carp/loi can swim all the way upstream and even up waterfalls when it reaches the source of the river (particularly the Yellow River in China as the source of the legend) it will become a great dragon.

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That's no myth.

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That's a space dragon.

In the Stellaris: Leviathans DLC!

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Or you can contemplate the Tao, in which flowing with the natural order of things allows you to reach where you need to be without effort. The Tao is associated with water for a reason.

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Water is the element most associated with witchcraft. Water appears, disappears, and shifts continually, yet remains rhythmically constant. Thanks for that.

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It's also a completely retarded ideology that was made up by an over privileged ponce who never had to do anything in his life anyway. You're a faggot if you think it's legitimate spiritualism.

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whooooooah so deep man... like man my head is exploded


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That's actually completely incorrect

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Lot of dead fish from my high school