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it's the muslims and blacks that fuck their families.

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And Jews

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Yeah all of Israel is lit up red.

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No data on Haiti though

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Look at how many times we get to read a sick news headline telling us some dindu-nuffin was horny and "was gonna get som no matter what" and ended up raping his own grandma...

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i saw some of that shit the muslims do weird shit like that too.

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Also the groups with the lowest IQs. Coincidence?

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muslims are low but are they the lowest idk maybe cause they got a lot of blacks.

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If pornhub were to be believed every relationship was now incestuous. I find it interesting how reddit fags always shit on the south like they're sister fuckers but never call schlomo out on pornhub. I know it happened once and they went full oy vey but you'd think it would be a more common thing to shit on over there.

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What's a scholomo? Thought it was slang for kike.

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Shlomo is a common Jewish name, means "peaceable". Pornhub is owned by kikes.

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Pfft, might want to get a more recent map, Sweden is still green in this one.

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Sandniggers aside it should be red anyways because of how the bottom-text is worded. Cousin marriage is legal here in the north.

Whites never needed a law to tell them that incest was wrong, so we never bothered with it. Now, however, it'd be highly xenophobic and anti-semitic of us to change it.

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I zoomed in on Israel... RED lol

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That's a jewish media stereotype.

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*That's a Jewish projection.

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Cousin marriage isn't illegal in the United States.

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Nor should it be, elsewise a 40yo giving birth should be since they have the same rate of complications

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THE CHART IS if a staggering >5% of marriages are to "first cousins"

Only in 1860s in rural frontier western USA near MORMON settlements did it go over 5% for USA.

In BRITAIN, this year, in 2019, over 70% of long term pakistani descent british MARRY THEIR FIRST COUSINS and create inbred offspring!

Inbreeding in Islam: Over 70% Of Muslims Are The Product of Incest!


BIRTH DEFECTS from paki incest! :


Mental retardation increasing in Pakistan due to cousin marriages: Pakistani researchers

First cousin marriages in British Pakistani communities leading to appalling disabilities among children

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of course the United Zionist States of America can't be anti-semetic can they?

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Slovakia you got some splainin to do

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they have gypsies :)

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Gypsies do not make up 10% of their population however.

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Undoubtedly its migrants just like in UK and France.

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And the nobility, don't forget about them, they've been cousin fucking since before islam

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Are you fucking kidding me?

In Hinduism,marriage within 6 generations is prohibited. How is India lit up red?

PS:Must be the Muslims

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