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Again proving Idiocracy is reflection of real life.

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The education system itself is the failure. Intelligent people know about white genocide and want to have children. Education is designed to make you stupid, not smarter.

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I don't know about any schooling system in the world that offers its best students earlier graduation, and keeps the dull for longer. No, it is always the most intelligent who go into the grad school aging vat, and the meatheads graduate early to reproduce and get their government checks.

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think of it on this level....

If you have to help everyone,
whats the incentive to succeed?

Start making it competitive, incentive will be created.

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Here's a dose-response relationship showing (((education))) is a detriment to biological success.

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Africans of the future are going to be even stupider. We're going to end with a planet of the apes because absolute idiots can reproduce for as long as the schools (spawning pools) give them free daycare. There is no way normal humans can compete with that apart from either cutting them down by force or abolishing schooling so nature can take its course.

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I've always been curious by these stats if they could be as easy to correlate as... let's say available time?

If you have your time occupied with SCHOOLING and the need to go home and further spend additional time doing homework... what if that's ENOUGH to take time away (and perhaps make you tired enough to not follow through) from ANY sexual activity that may lead to pregnancy?