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Remember those signs that used to say "DON'T FEED THE BIRDS" in places?

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I’ll admit, when I saw Pepsi’s space billboard I thought it was a terrible idea....but I’d chip in for one that said “Don’t feed the niggers”

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I like your name.

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beowulf reference i get it.

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Prepare for niggerfamine.

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i hope it'll be televised.

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Not me. I can't stand to look at the distended bellies.

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Merely for entertainment purposes.

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africa population is over a billion now it's getting crazy.

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Eating their own babies.

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There's going to be so much war and death going on in the next hundred years. All thanks to diversity coexist liberal retards.

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Get rid of the guns now. Makes it easier for the wealthy a few generations in the future.

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Heh , there already is a literal war , right now ... in countries like Sweden , France , major western EU cities ... they all nicely burn . As Im in Eastern part of EU , I dont give too much shit about Western part , which is critical ... all thanks to neoliberals , in every way . Let them reap what they sow , let them eat their own shit ...

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Who knows that the war rages?

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They are so broke, they can't even afford the second G

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Actually if the jeuden get away with this "corrupt and infest the incredible culture & beauty of European countries" plan that theyve been trying with various degrees of success since first writing the plan down in 1918, the popularion of Niger may be much less because... ALL THE FUCKING DINDUS AND NIGGERS ARE BEING SHIPPED BY THE FUCKING BOATLOAD INTO THE HEART OF EUROPE!!!! FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!

for those who feel like putting a bit of time in to it, research the minerals within/under the soil of that wasteland and the solar power processing abilities if solar panel farms were built with some of those solar heat stored in molted salt containers as backups, to provide power to... ALL OF FUCKING EUROPE!!!! WOW IMAGINE THAT. Instead of filthy niggers pouring into blessed Europe, strong clean cheap and natural (kind-of) kilowatts could pour into Europe from Niger. (And ONLY electricity will pour into Europe, NO fucking dindus or niggas included in this package!)

...a gal can dream huh?

Haha, Niger could turn into a modern day WAKANDA!!!!! LMAO

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White people could probably make Niger a Wakanda on the production side of things. White people need to learn about keeping Jews out, because Jews will convince them to let niggers in. Then Wakanda will be no more.

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Every nigger in Africa would come try to steal the "magic plates" that make electricity.

To have a solar farm in the Sahara (genius), you'd need to exterminate the nigs first.

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I doubt that to be honest, because by 2100 one of two things will have happened.

1: The kikes win and there are no more white people to aid them.

2: White people put their foot down and end all this shit.

Either way Africa is going to experience a major famine.

EDIT: Unless you think the niggers can learn how to manage their own food supply, or another region sends aid (which I can't see).

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another region- yes. Who? Unsure. Chinese cheap labor? Muslim aid for “re-education” aka salafist Islam jihad (looking at you Saudi), India world power 2020? Who knows.

Manage their food supply? ... not even going to try and justify that.

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It most likely isn't going to happen. You have to remember that's things going as they currently are. The West is going to be thoroughly diversified by then and not offering charity to anyone. So the Niger niggers will have to take care of themselves. That will result in mass chaos and starvation.

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Exactly, never mind impending and unforeseen natural disasters and wars that will devastate centers that “aid” dysgenic breeding.

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Quit feeding the animals.

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