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It is a pact with SATAN! Only the devil requires a sacrifice. see them for who they are, EVIL!

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This is correct.

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Didn’t god want tribute in the form of sacrifice from Cain and Abel?

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he did and rejected one of them. but this is old testament and you don't see Christians going around sacrificing stuff in modern times.

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I just watched a video Timeline on YT. It was about the former Pope. The Vatican named after the Etrucscan goddess Vatica. The Vatica Hill Where the Catholics say St Peter is buried. On top of the site is the Berninni case and above is Michelangelo. Does this wealth impress you or do you think otherwise?

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link to video?

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If this is what they do in the open...

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They suck littel boys dicks and say its ok to fuck 3yo girls in secret....oh wait.

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Wait, I didn't hear about the 3 year old part. What ritual is this? I know they already do it, but it's good to know name of the ritual for redpills.

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Fucking vermin look at them.

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missed their Messiah... now they look to the substitutionary chicken.

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They are just the worst.

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It is conditioning. They get use to the senseless slaughter as it makes it easier to murder goyim.

They are raising a perfect red Heifer to slaughter as sacrafice to Third Temple. Learn about their Satanic plan or suffer from it.


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"God's chosen people" lmao too funny

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They squandered their inheritance. Those that follow christ will now be heirs along with him.

The jews have failed God to many times. They will be judged accordingly.

(real) Christians will be saved since Christ inherited all that God The Father has. Christ will be the judge. The jews do not know christ.

Goats, that will be separated from the sheep.

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"God's chosen people to smite"

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Thanks for the info, got any more barbaric / Satanist rituals they do? I'd like to add them to my collection.

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They all rape their own kids for starters. They cut their sons dicks off. They are obsessed with blood libel and the drinking of blood to renew the covenant with "YWYH" [moloch].

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Well I'm looking for stuff I can cite. If you've got names of any rituals or anything like that it'd be more helpful.

So I can do something like this with it.

Kapparot - The Jewish ritual of killing chickens - "This chicken shall go to death and I shall proceed to a good, long life and peace" - https://i.imgtc.ws/CURHRPw.png - https://files.catbox.moe/6ev1m3.jpg - http://archive.is/iesls

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I work with birds so it always saddens me to see them killed for things outside of becoming food.

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