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I drove from Canada to Florida once through Tennessee. When I stopped in Tennessee the climate was temperate, the nature beautiful and the people were friendly. Had I not already made lodging arrangements in Florida I would have just stayed there.

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That’s what I was told too, it’s beautiful and people are friendly. Avoid areas with diverse demographics.

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That would be the cities, where the universities are located. Out-of-stater students are the reason for tge mow-them-down law.

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Just stay away from Memphis and you'll be ok for the most part.

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Tennesse is absolutely gorgeous. Only been there a few times from lower AL to Pigeon Forge, TN around 2011 when it was snowing. First time I saw snow like that. The mountains were incredible. I plan to go back soon once I get my next car.

Last year I went to Jackson, TN and it was also beautiful but the same type of beautiful as most of the south, such as Alabama, Mississippi, etc., minus the beaches of those 2. Tennesse mountains are where it's at.

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too bad that area got burned down recently

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It floods like crazy

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All you niggers stay the hell out of TN.

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Too late memphis!

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But Nashville has a white castle !

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Three words to any potential transplants: niggers, niggers, niggers

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East of Nashville. WHITE WHITE WHITE

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Antifa faggots won't touch that state. Though I wish that they would.

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We have them beat down in east Tn.

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I love Tennessee. Had the house rewired.. including fuse box to breaker panel, no permit.

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Plus, you can make a house out of anything...no such thing as Certificates of Occupancy, at least in my county.

Want to live in a giant pumpkin and wire it yourself? It's all good.

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Sunday drives are fun. I love seeing all the crazy little houses.

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but i hear those property taxes are a bitch.

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Yea, we have more than our share of meth heads.

The good news is natural selection is thinning them out.

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You can do all kinds of shit in any state without a permit—I see/do it all the time. When there's a problem and your insurance company denies your claim however....

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(((insurance))) is just another tax.

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try that in jersey and tell me how it goes...

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Can confirm the negatives mentioned by others regarding Memphis, Nashville, and large colleges.

Can also add that in addition to all the other positives mentioned that Tennessee is a Castle Doctrine state. Also the Castle Doctrine extends to your motor vehicle.

Another plus is with a carry permit you can have a loaded rifle (we have a marked preference for AR platforms) in your vehicle so long as there is not a round in the chamber.

Also, outside of the large cities, Tennesseans of African heritage are very intolerant of niggers.

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Actually the "no round in the chamber" was changed last year. now you can keep chambered rifle or pistol in your car... even without permit, as part of the recently expanded castle doctrine.

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God Damn I'm proud to be a Tennesseeyun.

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Don't want to get run over? DOn'T STAND IN THE STREET!

You would think they would have SOME intelligence...

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