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I hope to God they mean it

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Gamers are woke to the JQ, for sure. Jr High kids are questioning the narrative. Teach them the truth about the hollowcost that is being shoved down their throat.

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I wish someone handed me holocaust denial when i was in middle school. We dedicated probably about 3 months of our English class to it.

Kids got in trouble for laughing at the pics. My experience was basically "fuck i get it already just shut up. Also, holy shit ann frank was into lesbian stuff?"

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Yeah, hopefully most of them are pilled on religion too. Probably not though. they still own that front.

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Not all, not by a long shot. I tried Mordhau recently, and the chat there is effectively a free for all. (only got kicked for 'nigger' once). Out of all the conversations I had there over the weekend, I would guess that only maybe 5-10% really had any clue what is going on/voat tier. Only one other guy was full blown Natsoc/1488. There were plenty at various stages along the way, and tons that were outright hostile manchildren.

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I was a custodian for a middle school. Trust me it's not just for lulz anymore.

They are not on voat. This is mostly gen X and,millenials.

Go to 4chan/pol. And 8chan/pol. That's where they are.

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Can't help but think it was one of those teenage "hardy har it'll be funny guys" moments.

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I think the youth are different. They are silently desperate for change. They have realized they are currently going to a concentration camp 5 days a week where the faculty want to castrate, amputate and mutilate them. They know they are the mice in the experiment where we laughed at the teachers shit and got detention for it.

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When I was in middle school I remember a lot of the kids, mostly skaters would tag swastika's all over town. I don't really think they had any idea about jewish supremacism or nazism and just did it because it was rebellious

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It most likely is as you say, but the reaction to something like this has changed a lot over the years and has the potential to cause these 8 kids and their families to latch on to their white (assuming here) heritage.

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nah they just got into this shape completely randomely

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that's a very jewish defense - amusing, but inherently dishonest. It's far better to be like "yeah, it's a swastika. what's the problem?"

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Under investigation? For what?

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For being a photo. You're not allowed to be a photo-american in america.

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And by whom? The team at abc news?. The police have been using the under investigation as a form of intimidation for anyone that publicly states they're against ethnic cleansing of whites.

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For offending the overlord race.

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offending our jewish overlords, of course.

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The media has normalized nazis. This sorta stuff is inevitable now

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I hope so. Liberals are very open with the fact that Nazis are the only people that scare them. Their attacks on milquetoast conservatives are just proxy attacks on Nazis. They aren't running around proclaiming their fear of conservatives, but they're doing it for evil fascist Nazis. It's clear the only ones who can stop them are the ones they're most afraid of, so if you're not a Nazi by now it's time top get your shit together.

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One thing Sargon of Akkad said. "If you can't stand what I'm doing and saying, you'll hate what comes after me"

If that guy is called a Nazi. even though he calls himself a classical liberal (I'm inclined to agree). Then it makes me think that yes actual nazis will come next since the threshold is so low when you cross it. Why not push it to the limit

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since they've insisted on saying normal conservatives are alt right, nazis, far right etc as a really stupid strategy, there's no reason not to be a nazi.

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These kids make me feel a bit better about things. Go get em you little fuckers. Go get em.

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I built a similar shape in MeinKraft.

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How dare they lie down in that shape!

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under investigation


Why do these ZOG fags have such a hard time accepting reality.

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