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Politically motivated acts of violence is terrorism. Too bad this vet would be arrested in the UK instead for not having a license for that milkshake.

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actually reporting on exit polling or opinions on voting before the official results come out on sunday is a criminal offense in the UK

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Gotta protect the royals, eh?

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Politically motivated acts of violence is terrorism.

What is war? What is the military for? Not condoning milkshakes being thrown, but it is trivial compared to the aforementioned.

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Not all violence is political, but all politics is violence.

What distinguishes terrorism from other forms of political violence is that it is intended to strike fear into a populace or motivate them to act a certian way. This can be done by either state or nonstate actors.

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No. It's not trivial.

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All politics involves either acts or threats of violence.

Is a cop arresting someone terrorism? The law and codes the police enforce were decided by politicians. Would this not make an arrest politically motivated violence?

Edit: on reflection one finds how tricky and subjective this can all be. While in my example most arrests for violent and peoperty crime we know arent terrorism. I must agknowledge it really depends on the laws and how they're enforced because when i see anyone go down against hate speech laws or distribution of banned literature (sorry kiwis) I would absolutely classify that as a form of state sponsored terrorism. So i guess OPs definition works, IF you consider state sponsored violence in the form of war, border control, arrests and imprisonment pretaining to general law and order not as politically motivated, but as as being motivated by public interest or safety. (But who defines that and how could still be a highly contentious political and philosophical issue)

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This is why "laws" are fraudulent. People assume written laws somehow protect them from crime, when the evidence is contrary. If laws were actually effective at stopping crime, why do we have both laws and such a thriving prison system?

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Throw them at me.

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I'll throw you something alright

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Just realize that being Objectively factually TRUE, is not the winning play. Being able to elicit the emotions people need to move the direction you want is the winning play. All the better if you can do it truthfully. But do not get caught thinking that truth has any weight on its own against these emotional insane bastards and to a lesser extent your everyman.

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Politics itself is what creates idiots that would throw milkshakes at others. This is a clown world, if you haven't noticed.

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Or that ypu dont give that mich of a shit about it.

This is the laziest "terrorism" ever

This is a driveby spitting

It doesnt matter

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Wow so brave...assaulting a senior citizen...

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His dignity cannot be vandalised. His clothing is soiled but this man appears as spotless.

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Looks like a parachute regiment tie, he’ll have the last laugh when the results are announced.

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The reason for the second vote is to change the result. Don't kid yourself

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They are voting in the European elections today, I fail to see what that's got to do with a second referendum?

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He would have throttled the punk, but he didn't want to drop his sandwich. (left hand)

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Imagine the strong feeling of justice and violence this soldier has within him. And how he had to control himself from not hurting that thug.

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They found a young soylent upside down in a trash can with a half eaten pb&j lodged in his throat. Officers were there to take notes afterward. There were no witnesses.

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They have no argument, so their go-to is violence and threats. It's what these mentally ill fuckbags do, every single time.

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