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Unironically warms my heart. Not so much just the racism, but young people not giving a shit about political correctness.

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I'm on the edge of the millennials and gen zyklon, but most people I know who are younger than me think PC culture is "fucking gay". The pushback was inevitable. Neo Marxist "morality" is fundamentally anti-human.

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Old man checking in. I just love how fervently and articulately you'all slam neoliberalism.

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When my nephews and their friends don't know I'm listening they say some shit that would make Millennials cry. I give it about 5- 10 years before all this shit is gone.

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I was born in 95. Everyone older than me (25+) is extremely PC.

One year younger (22) and everyone hates PC culture. It’s bizarre but I love it

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Mine too. I have too much to lose to go public with my opinions. I wish it wasn’t the case but it’s reality. These kids nowadays just don’t give a fuck and I’m glad.

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media loves to paint them all as the progressive liberals

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I think you all missed the joke? The prom poster clearly says the kid thinks she's racist but put it in there with a hidden racist joke.

But that's not the funniest part. The response is a black chick that didn't get the joke let alone read the poster called her racist.

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Notice, nice street, nice couple.

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Nice ledgible sign. Nice clear statement.

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This is in my hometown, very rich suburb of LA. I live about a quarter mile from the high school which has been swarming with new vans all day.

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GINGER.... what did they mean by this?

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no souls

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Dumb niggers ape out every time they hear or ask a white person to read the word for them.

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They struggle to pronounce "er"

[–] DavidHogg 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago  (edited ago)

She looks like a stein/berg but could be wrong but either way this new generation is making me prouder by the day. They are going to fix what our parents royally fucked up.

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Jew takeover was planned in the 1800's. Blame your great, great, etc. grandparents.

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1776 ((( Freemasons )))

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That’s true, but the 60’s is their fault, and accelerated our downfall.

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Americans still have guns and can fight back. Why blame history when you can change something in the present.

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blessed image

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Brianna looks semitic...

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No she doesn't. You don't have to be around Jews much, do you?

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Paranoia is a telltale sign of schizophrenia. Very common in satan worshipping desert parasites. You may want to get yourself checked.

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Bianca* and I think it's a Jewish name

Edit: Italian name*. I've met a Jewish Bianca.. real bitch that one is.

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bianca is an italian name

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My thought too. I wonder what they'll say at their first job interview when someone axxes them about this pic.

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said like someone who's never been to a job interview

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Nice young couple!

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