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It wasn't Iran that did this. It was Islam.

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Maybe we should bomb them anyways, oy vey!

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We should go after our one true enemy, Israel.

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Not. Our. Fucking. Problem.

Muslims wouldn’t be a threat to the west of not for kikes importing them by the boat load. This is the work of the jew. And for his crimes, he shall be punished.

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In the modern world, it is our problem. Criticizing the bad behavior of islam is not a phobia and needs to be done so its subjugation does not spread. Europe is being subjugated by islam because people thought other peoples beliefs were not their business. Then when it became an issue, they were cowed by being called racists instead of openly discussing the problems created. This led to an environment where mass immigration could take place. islam is a belief , not an ethnicity. It is not racist to criticize a belief. Replace every "islam" in this paragraph with judaism or christianity and the exact same logic applies. Subjugating beliefs wherever they come from are our fucking problem.

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This is a psyop post. "Subscribe2PewDiePie" really?

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No, calling out Islam for creating this belief that throwing acid on someone for not submitting to your rules is not a psyops. Trying to deflect the blame to a country instead of the real reason is the psyops. Making people feel unable to criticizing a barbaric belief for fear of being called Islamophobic is the psyops.

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It was Iranian islamics that did that.

Iran is a fucking shithole sandnigger country.

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Nah, Persia is a place that has proven itself capable of creating civilization. It’s held back by the religion and the theocracy.

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20 years ago it wasnt.

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Iranians are a people. Islam is a belief. We need to expose the belief as the problem, not the followers. We need the followers to reject the belief. If we want to blame a country for what their countrymen did in the name of Allah, we need to start blaming Saudi Arabia. 15 of the 19 hijackers that attacked America were Saudis. The genocide in Yemen is Saudis. The funding of almost every mass terror attack is coming from Saudi Arabia. Islam is a collection of bad beliefs and sunni wahhabism is the worst. ISIS are sunni wahhabs. The wahhabs want Shia Muslims killed. Iran is Shia Muslim. The Saudi regional influence over the US is to get us into a war with Iran. Saudi Arabia is the most oppressive regime to ever exist on the planet.

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Iran is a beautiful country with a rich and deep culture. Kikes on the other hand suck baby dicks and rape kids.

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So. Who gives a shit. Iran isn’t my problem, kike.

[–] CatsControlTheEU 1 points 36 points (+37|-1) ago 

Yea, this shit happened over 5 years ago, and I remember when it did because despite being a muslim country this shit isn't that common there as it is in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, etc. (U.S allies). This suddenly started making the rounds now because the kikes really want to go to war with Iran since they're one of the few nations that openly say fuck you to Israel. Anyone who has paid any attention at all to the news will know that we're now posturing for a war with Iran. The fact that this is making the rounds is just more kikery trying to drum up support for war.

Iran can do whatever the fuck it wants in Iran or the rest of the middle east for all I care. Fucking kikes trying to convince us to die for them.

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Yeah, you've got to have laws in your country. If your laws say that you wear clothes, you wear clothes. I don't always like the laws but I wouldn't want to live someplace like Somalia.

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Its unbelievable how oblivious people and politicians seem to be, or maybe... they're supportive of this behavior of Israel's. A fucking ww3 over hurt feelings.... look fine and oil/minerals in the ground but whatever. Israel's butthurt and their online idf squad keeps needing visits from therapists because people are swallowing more red pills then ever before and are not commenting online the way the MSM is presenting peoples moods and opinions on this topic. Its fucking great!

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Not only is this uncommon in Iran, but I'm sure the person who did it was punished. This is however common in Saudi Arabia, and London, and no one is ever punished. Besides, not our issue. Iran doesn't hate us, we hate them. Not our war.

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Acid Attacks in the UK, Sadly, Are Not Going Anywhere New statistics obtained by VICE reveal that the number of attacks has fallen, but they're still happening with alarming regularity.


UK has one of highest rates of acid attacks in the world, police reveal An average of two attacks a day are recorded by forces across the country

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/ crime/acid-attacks-uk-highest-world-figures-police-revealed-a8098236.html

2017 was the worst year for acid attacks in London


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jews let muslims into Britain.

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See!! Iran is bad and you goyims should attack them!! Praise israel. Shaloms™✡️

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Thank fellow goy for this enlightening comment. Shalom.

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So what? In Saudi Arabia they behead and stone people to death, and they're one of our best friends. Only reptilians want war with Iran.

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Wow don't you care about the poor opressed Iranian girls?! We have to help them by... blowing them to bits with flying robots. Cus that'll fix her face I guess. Thanks neo-cons!

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Fuck Zognald Trumpstein

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Peace with Iran!

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Peace with Iran. Death to israel!!!

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By "friends", I believe you mean "customers".

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Where are the western female lawmakers now?

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Buying hijabs to show solidarity.

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This is a Judenpost

@Native @con77 @zyklon_b

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I hate jews and moslems

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You're a pedophile

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Are women over there allowed to act in movies? She now looks like a good villain

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Yes they are. I believe she played the mayor in the later scenes of the Dark Knight Rises in recent years.

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LOL wow that was cold!

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kill em all


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Fuck off jew faggot

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If I had to choose between a society where women are forced to wear hijabs and a society where women are dressing like immoral sluts, I would chose the first one. Women freedom to wear whatever they like is a sign of degeneration for they will always choose the most revealing clothing options to secure attention and attract potential suitors while appealing to their primal nature. It must be restricted. Islam is still semitic shittery though.

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Bro you do have a choice here in America. You can go join the Amish today. Don't fag out now you said if you had a choice you would choose this.

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You have a choice too, sodomite. But not for long.

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I am not from America. Where I live we havent reached America`s level of degeneration but we are moving towards that direction. I would choose the opposite way.

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I'll take the sluts.

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