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Although ive read multiple articles/studies/explanations about why to do this... still havent seen an explanation to use black balls vs white.

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Carbon black is cheap, non-toxic and most durable. Basically, more cost-effective than white.

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As you probably know, the balls are only for shade so the sunlight doesn't cause too much bromate in the water + there are other benefits like deterring birds.

Basically they tried testing different colors but the dye was unstable and the company producing them couldn't guarantee they'd last more than a year in the sunlight. The black shadeballs are coated in a thing called carbon black and are naturally black without the use of dye. As they are with the carbon black and no added dye, they'll last 10+ years.

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Drink your plastic, goy.

Or is it some foodgrade proper plastic? Is it plastic? Plastic releases xeoestrogen even from the warmth of a hand.