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I love laughing at how when someone reads something anti-Trump online, the liberals are quick to support and agree with it.

Moment someone claims they read something positive about Trump or negative about one of their witches like Hillary, they ask if you read online and then say "yeah you cant believe everything you read online".

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I heard OP is a faggot.

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Anonymous sources say op is a faggot.

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I'm willing to forego my anonymity to state publicly that OP is a lodestar of abject faggotry

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....anonymous sources say...

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My anonymous sources say he loves big black dick.

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....so quick to judgement makes you either a serial killer, or dumbass...maybe both

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everytime i see a dilbert cartoon i remember how awesome it is. i dont get that from the animation but the cartoons are so topical

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This post brought to you by heaping doses of weaponized autism and faggotry.

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...don’t hold back...Be sure to zip up after you’re through...

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This really isn't a pic for v/pics :(

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Who the fuck puts books on the shelf like that?