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How come I didn't see any black "slave" children?

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Nigger adults are retarded, a nigger child is going to be even more so. White kids are smart enough to make great labor. Their little hands can get in the machine gears and places too dangerous for an adult man. The attitude was 'meh, it's a kid, they're easily replaced'. Well, when women were wives and baby factories, we had a massive white labor force that could do things. Things....many things.

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I worked in tobacco from age 12 to 17. Spring, summer and fall, after school and some school vacations. It was hard, hot work but I wanted the money. I didn't want to be a burden on my parents. Has anyone considered these kids didn't mind working?

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you probably had a better relationship with your parents through your teens because of it

those tobacco fields are probably full of migrants now

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They brought in migrants then too. They lived in dormitories on site. We had a bus load of Puerto Ricans from Massachusetts and a bus load of girls from South Carolina every summer as well. They kept the local kids separate from all the rest. We were scared of the SC girls because they were big and black and we weren't used to that so they didn't have to tell us twice. Other than pissing in the baskets of tobacco leaves occasionally the Puerto Ricans were great - hard workers and decent people who kept to themselves. Those were definitely the good old days.

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I bet the people who come from similar roots/stock as you, were and are able to consider what you just said. But the liberal sjws and soyboys cant fanthom it. Theyd probably ask "why did you work instead of getting money from the government?"

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They would really freak out when I tell them my brother started working at nine years old.

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And every single one of them appreciated what they had because they fucking earned it.

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some one tell the apes that whites were also slaves, perhaps long before them

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Wheres the diversity? Im will to bet if they made a movie about this theyd cast a few blacks and spanish for the kids roles.

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Funny, I don't hear anyone demanding reparations for the descendents of these children.

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And the niggers are complaining...

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The left will just blame white, patriarchal capitalist society for exploiting the under class.

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