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Painfully accurate.

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Sadly, the migrants seem to only murder and rape the hot, innocent, white women and girls that will not capitulate to their demands and are a threat to their pseudo male-dominance.

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Hey don't forget the white male children that they gang up on in their schools.

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Remember to say "foreigners" not "migrants". Frame the conversation in your favor

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They don't go after white women because of some macho complex. They come to exterminate white people and going after the young females is the fastest way to do it.

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Lmao don't you mean "Muslim girls aren't allowed in clubs or on the street" and that's why they don't get raped or pimped out, white girls are the ones available and indeed willing.

White cuck faggot like you who would never hit a woman are what's exterminating the white race, not a few "rapes"

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Your sentiment is stupid and quite frankly infuriating. So our women should't be safe to walk to walk the streets and any that do go out get what they deserve because they should be home, therefore why make the streets safe? You sound exactly like a mudslime sand nigger. If that's what you beleive I'll happily finish you off too when the time comes.

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We don't need sand niggers to do our work for us, what are we jews? We can sort our own shit out if we just stand up and shake off the paraasites.

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Just because migrant srape and kill whites in their Homeland and they live in police states, who doesn't say what if every one of them were not just innocent people like ebba?Never forget and sharpen those axes very sharp

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Try "foreigners" instead of "migrants". A few times and I'm sure you'll like the difference

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I can get behind that

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Here is a deal everytine a migrants kills a white liberals have to pay reperations for the family

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Stop saying "immigrants"and start saying "foreigners". There's a reason the MSM never says "foreigners"

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So you're celebrating migrants killing white people, cool.

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Just the traitors.

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wtf I love immigrants now

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Add an image of the ones behind all of this, and it's perfect.

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